How to protect your garden furniture for the winter?

How to protect your garden furniture for the winter?,

Temperatures begin to fall and the humidity level increases. So, you have to take some precautions to protect your outdoor furniture in order to spend the winter. For this, we answer 5 questions on the theme: How to protect your garden furniture?

Do I have to shelter my garden furniture?

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Garden furniture is designed to cope with so-called “normal” climatic hazards, but not to withstand continuous low temperatures and winter humidity. This could impair the proper functioning and condition of its surfaces. To remedy this, we advise you to put your furniture inside, in a dry and ventilated place. However, there is no need to cover your furniture unless you want to protect it from dust.

Why do you have to clean your garden furniture before you put it away?

Cleaning is recommended before putting your garden furniture away. Then you have to dry it. This avoids the appearance of mold.

How to protect your garden furniture protective cover chairs

How to protect your garden furniture if I cannot put it away?

If you cannot put your furniture in a dry and ventilated place, you can use protective covers. Provide one cover per piece of furniture and make sure that it does not stay flat, as for the table top, for example. In addition, to avoid wet lifts from the ground, you can use a small wooden wedge to slide under each foot of your furniture. Did you know outdoor furniture is the bestselling item in online stores check here.

Can we choose any protective cover?

It is better to use protective covers provided for this purpose, indeed, these covers have a ventilation system providing good air circulation around the furniture.

Do I have to process screws at the end of the season?

The steel screws of your garden furniture should be regularly serviced. Indeed, this makes it possible to avoid the appearance of corrosion traces. To prevent this, we advise you to apply an anti-rust spray at the beginning and at the end of the season. We recommend a quarterly treatment for furniture located at the seaside.

Now you know what to do to winter your garden furniture in the best conditions. Thus, you will find it, as well preserved, at the return of the beautiful season.

Top of the 2018 garden furniture for outdoor dining

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Summer is now behind us. Already, we can take a first assessment of the past season and determine what have been your favorites this summer. Here is the first part of our top of the 2018 garden furniture with the furniture for the meal.

The Elise table: chic and flexible

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You’ve literally cracked ome garden furniture this year. For example, we find in the first places of our top the table Elise 200/300. It has been designed in a contemporary spirit with a mix of materials that has seduced you. The aluminum frame couples to a tempered glass table top.

In addition, this table is expandable and its central extension allows passing the length of the table from 2 to 3 meters. Thus, you will be able to receive from 8 to 12 guests. By its style, this table allows a wide choice in seating.

The elegance chair: a reference

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Perhaps you prefer to choose the elegance chair? Indeed, it multiplies the assets that make it a reference in terms of garden chair. It is light, robust and comfortable. In addition, this chair folds easily and allows an undeniable saving of space when you no longer need to use it.

Finally, the choice is wide in terms of colors. Indeed, 16 different tones are available to satisfy all tastes.

Palma armchair: a top of the 2018 garden furniture

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Thanks to the ergonomics of its armrests and the stretched canvas of the seat, the Palma armchair is a model of comfort. Its distinguished and casual design shows that the visual aspect has not been forgotten.

Another element that makes this armchair a top of the 2018 garden furniture: it’s easy storage. Indeed, this outdoor chair is stackable. It allows storing a maximum of seats on a minimum surface.

So, you now know the best of this season for outdoor dining furniture. Next step: introduce your favorites this year in terms of relaxing furniture and shading. But still a little patience … you’ll know everything soon!

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