Purple Good Vibes – A CSR Foundation by Kapil Taneja

Kapil Taneja

Purple Group is a brand name that enjoys unparalleled goodwill as one of the most trusted and respected names in the real estate arena.

Carrying forward company’s organizational values of cooperative spirit, insistent commitment and proficient intelligence, Mr. Kapil Taneja, aims at providing education, backing people with disabilities, and helping the deserving individuals with basic needs and relief, under their foundation ‘The Purple Good Vibes’.

Purple Good Vibes has continuously been making efforts to give back to society through its CSR activities.


Kapil Taneja

What you should know about CSR?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility which means that a corporation takes steps to confirm there are positive social and environmental effects associated with the way the business operates. CSR models promote changes and development throughout the world, which often encompasses helping people with few or no resources at all.

How is Purple Group involved in CSR activities?

Purple Group is involved in a wide variety of community development and environmental protection activities, under its ‘Purple Good Vibes’ foundation. Its social actions related to health, primary education, training assistance, livings, children empowerment and also motivational camps for differently-abled individuals.

The Purple Group does so by adopting the complete generous programs to benefit the society in the best possible ways that can be done such as by providing better access to health care and improved education to labors, employees and their children as well, etc.

Recently, the Purple Group under its ‘Purple Good Vibes’ foundation took a small step and opened a school ‘Ek Pahal’ to provide the basic education to all the needy kids of the labor working for them.

CSR Foundation

Mr. Kapil Taneja says that ‘someone is sitting in a shadow today because someone planted a tree long time ago.’ With this quote in the mind and love for the mother earth in the heart, Purple Group has organized the ‘Tree Plantation Drive’ to make earth a better place to live as planting a tree leads in planting a green earth for a better future, and contributed its part and helped in planting more trees on the earth so as to make our planet greener. And because he says that the earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth, Purple Group pledges to keep the environment clean and green.

A beautiful thought struck into the mind of Mr. Kapil Taneja that “Oral Health is a reflection of the physiological, social and psychological factors that are essential to our quality of life”. So, he organized a regular Dental Health Checkup camp for the children in order to maintain their oral hygiene.

CSR Foundation

Purple Group stands firmly dedicated to its responsibility towards the environment. Also, it’s ‘Corporate Social Responsibilities’ initiatives backing them reach beyond the limits of their living spaces to benefit the society at large as well as reserve and protect the planet and its resources as well.

Mr. Kapil Taneja says that the organizations are the powerful elements of the society and the most esteemed, necessary and successful businesses exist to do much more than making money only; they exist to use the power of their business to solve the social as well as the environmental problems. And much like the business we do, we emphasize on happening plantation activities around our sites which are used not only for reshaping our projects but also for inspiring environmental awareness to those who are around us. To Read the complete journey of Mr. Kapil Taneja you can click here.


Kapil Taneja

We aim at sowing seeds of opulence so as to ensure that the tree provides shelter to at least two times more people tomorrow than that of today.

The culture that has been followed in the association inspires everybody to better realize their responsibilities towards their surroundings.


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