How to get out of the friend zone?

friend zone

How to get out of the friend zone?

The Friend Zone is a place we have all been at one point or the other in our lives. Some of us have experienced it for so long that we end up even realizing that do we even have any feelings for the other person.

Some people believe that once you are in it, you are in it for life. But that is actually completely untrue. Here are some basic steps you need to follow if you want to come out of this pathetic situation-

Admit You are In the Friend Zone


Your gut feeling is wrong, your instincts are wrong and your intuitions are also wrong. If this was not the case, you would have been with your friend already. It is the time to change your approach. Take everything you think you know and just chuck it. You are a completely blank slate now.

Define The Way Your Friend Sees You


If your friend sees you in some way that is not girlfriend/boyfriend material, it means that you are placed in the Friend Zone. Recognizing how they actually see you in an honest way is very important. If you are a sibling, or a therapist, or a parent to them, you have an uphill to climb. If your friend finds you as a shadow, or a human pillow, or a backup girlfriend/boyfriend, then probably you are too available and they are most likely taking your friendship for granted. However, before we do anything else, ask a question to yourself: Are you willing to risk it?

People do not want to date their therapist or their dad or mom. So, change the role you are playing in your friend’s life and you will see yourself coming out of the friend zone hole in no time!

Do confess your feelings


There can be many ways to begin the confession. Remember, all that needs to be the part of the conversation is to tell your friend that how you feel about them and want to get a response letting you know about the type of feeling they keep for you. It is quite simple stuff but getting into it is actually the hardest part.

A most important part of getting rid of the Friend Zone is telling your friend about the feelings you have for them. However, there are both good ways as well as bad ways to do this. A good confession is the one in person, private place, in a quiet while your friend and you are in clear and sober states of mind.

Separate from Your Friend


You might hate this part. You might be thinking, “what if I am not always in their face, and they forget about me,” when in fact the opposite is exactly true. The more you stay out of the picture, the more your friend will realize your importance. That is what the separation is for actually. It will compel your friend to realize that what the life can be without you and start taking you seriously instead of just granted.

The separation is the most important stage of getting free form this trap. If you do not give them a chance to miss you, they never will.

Get a life


Do not try getting a fake life. You need to get a real one and really must become unavailable. You should not just pretend. Truly getting occupied means, anyone will be able to tell from a mile away that you are a changed person.

Getting a life is very is an essential phase in getting your friend to see you as a real person. Besides fantasizing about smelling their hair, get other things going on in your life. The moment you make yourself less available, they will start wondering what you are up to.

Change Your Attitude


No one is interested in sleeping with the sad sack in a corner and moaning about the economy. If you are not happy at least half the time, you need to figure something out as you are in a serious trouble. People will not want to be around you if you are full of poison. You will have to make some changes.

Change up Your Look


Try to get a brand new look. Stop wearing that sixth-grade t-shirt you still think fits you. Suddenly, your friend will start noticing what else you are capable of. Your friend will find you profound and mysterious, with special talents that they can not even imagine. People like surprises. It excites them. The fact that you did not consult your friend about this significant change will make them wonder what else is going on with you.

Just follow these simple steps and your friend will realize your value in their life and may if you are lucky enough you will have them for the rest of your life having fun and enjoying your days together.


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