How to judge whether it is love or just infatuation?


How to judge whether it is love or just infatuation?

Are you unsure whether you are really in love or just infatuated? It can be very confusing! You might think that you are in love with them, but you do not really feel like love, or you might be worried that you are just cooking it all up in your head. Infatuation can compel you to think that you are in love. So, before it’s too late, you must know is it love or infatuation?
Given below are some easy tips that will help you know what your feelings actually are.

Duration of your knowing each other


Many people think that they are in love just after a few days of knowing someone. However, soon after few months have passed, they realize that they hate everything about that person. This shows that when they claim it is love, they did not take enough time to know the person enough to love them really.
If you have only known the person for a short duration of time, then it is most probably infatuation, not love. Love takes a while to develop. It takes intimacy that needs a connection or attachment to someone.

You Are Focused On What You Want Out Of Them And The Relationship


Just after getting into a relationship, some people starts dreaming of dating, getting married, having kids, and moving to a tropical island for their retirement. They are just focused on their future with this person only from their point of view, ignoring the other person’s point of view. If this is the case with you, then it is just infatuation, not love.
Love is all about what the other person wants from the relation and working on compromising.

You find them superior to you


If all you can see in them is perfection, then it is just infatuation, not love. No one is perfect, no matter how much it appears to be. Every one of us has faults, makes mistakes, and can be a bit annoying to others. If you truly love someone, you will find him or her for who they really are, good or bad, and still love them anyway.

You Feel Like You Just Won The Lottery


Being infatuated, you feel like you just won a lottery. You cannot believe it that you are with them. Real love in no way is like that. Love is what it feels like once you have the money and can do great things in your life. It makes you a better friend, a more loving person, more enthusiastic towards your career, and willing to make your life a huge success.

You Can’t Wait To Take The Next Step


In infatuation, you want to make things happen right now. You want them to love and commit to you and be only and only yours because you are always scared of losing them. This is not loving. Love needs time to evolve, and if you are in love with someone, you will enjoy the process of getting to know them and slowly building up your relationship with them.

You Are In Love With Superficial Things


People generally say that they love the way someone looks, walks, talks or laughs, and believe that they fell in love with that person just by watching them. That is impossible! You do not connect only to the superficial things in a person. The real connection is to the internal things, such as what they believe, how they feel, what their dreams are and most importantly, how they treat other people. If you only love the way they look or sing, then it is just infatuation. If you know their nature and life and appreciate those things, then that is love.

You have Lost Interest Suddenly

lose interst

This is the most important sign to decide between love and infatuation. If you have lost interest after feeling some passionate feelings and emotions for someone, it may be hard for you to figure out what is going on. However, there is a simple explanation to this. The infatuation you were feeling for them is over and is replaced by a loss of interest. Remember, infatuation is a very strong feeling that is short-lived, while love is a rally deep connection that stays for rest of the time.

You Feel Disconnected And Alone

feel alone

Infatuation is all about wanting to be connected to the person. But when time is hard, you soon come to know of how disconnected you really are from them and just want their attention anyhow.
Whereas in love, they are always there for you. You have a deep connection bet ween each other and are a team. You work through failures and issues, both in your individual lives and relationships, together and never feel alone because you know the person who loves you will always be there for you.

Love and infatuation have very minute but really significant differences. So do not be in a doubt and know about the feelings you have for them. Analyze the given condition as per your relation and come out if you just have an infatuation for them.

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