10 things only an army kid can relate to


Being an Army kid is like an honour on its own, because they get to lead lives that nobody outside the defence circle will be able to. Army kids experience almost everything in their life from growing up in ten different cities, the culture, the food, unity, studying in ten different schools, adjusting with different types of people and a feeling of being different from others. If you have been raised in the Army, the chances are that your life has already plotted ahead of you at this very point. Your life is different from that of a pacificist, and even though they aren’t aware of it. Here are 10 things only an army kid can relate to.

 1. An Army kid is attached to his/her personal things more than people


An Army brat becomes independent at an early age, so much so that his parents allow him to keep his own stock of everything every month. The reason being is that they get a lot of space in Cantonment quarters and their own room. And the other reason is that they only get to share things with their siblings thus, the sense of ‘my belongings’ soak in quite early. This makes Army kids more responsible than other people.

 2. The first day of school is not a first time experience for an Army kid


Do you remember your first day at school? It is the first day of leaving our comfort zone and step into the world of unknown faces that we are expected to be friends with. But for an Army kid, this happens at least seven to eight times in their entire school life. After every three or four years, they are surrounded by new faces.

 3. And last day of school is not a first time experience for an Army kid


For a normal person, the first day at school and the last day at school is something that they only experience only once in a lifetime. But for an Army kid, just like the first day, the last day at school is also a common phenomenon. Although, they are crying inside with the idea of leaving their favourite people, but they are excited too of going to live in a new city and making new friends.

  4. An Army kid is not an INTROVERT


Someone born and brought up in a defence environment can never be an introvert. They have a balance of both introvert and extrovert features in their personality but never the shy ones. The moment they are turned three they are send off to, someone who can teach them extracurricular activities like singing, dancing and are exposed to give a performance on any random events and functions.

 5. An Army kid never run out of conversation


There is never a moment of silence when you have an Army kid in your group. They will tell you everything and anything possible seen and experienced by them. Apart from the present lives, they discuss the posting before the present one and the one before that and so on. And the case with their mothers is even more intense; they have plenty to talk about.

 6. For an Army kid, the friends’ list gets updated once in a while


While you talk about the same friend group, they have new names on their list. As growing up in different cities, going to different schools, an Army kid makes a lot of friends, and the list gets updated once in a while.

 7. They secretly hate that they have no childhood buddy with whom they grew up


Deep down, Army kids envy children who study in the same school with the same set of people for 12-15 years. No matter how much they show off their adjustment skills and the ability to make friends. They crave for such attachment and friend with whom they could share a joke or two. They hate people posting pictures with their childhood crush because they don’t know where theirs ended up.

 8. They know the value of textbooks


More than the loss of that horrifying textbook that they lost comfortably during the midterm shifting, it’s the lectures and glares by parents that make them shiver in fear. Books are a possession a person cherishes as a hobby, but school textbooks are something that everybody is forced to cherish. The horror when they realise that their history book is sitting comfortably on a shelf 800 miles from your current location creeps the hell out of them.

 9. The importance of sports and fitness


Running, jogging, tennis, golf, swimming, horse riding, polo, their father has taught them all.

 10. Mannerism, Etiquettes and Projection, they are best at it


From knowing how to work their way through a six-course meal or how to impress people just by looking at them or how to talk to someone elderly or younger or the proper way to walk, they are too well trained.

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