10 maybe reasons why your girlfriend does not reveal about you on social media

girlfriend doesnt reveal about you on social media

10 maybe reasons why your girlfriend does not reveal about you on social media

Girls in today’s world have become really addictive to their accounts on social media websites. The ones in a relationship might have noticed it quite more prominently due to the plenty of time that you people spend together. However, some boyfriends wonder that why are their partners not comfortable in revealing about them on social sites and cannot find any single instant or any indication that would showcase their relationship. There can be a lot of cryptic thoughts you guys might start building up in your brains, but there aren’t only the reasons that you might generally think of. There can several reasons why your girlfriend is not revealing about you in her social life. Here are ten probable reasons why your girlfriend does not reveal about you on social websites-

She might not be a socially active person

socially inactive

There is quite a possibility that maybe your partner is not that socially an active person that she can feel comfortable in posting any pictures with you on her account. Some girls feel hesitant and do not want to be too open about their personal life on their social media account. Therefore, you can sit relax without building any speculations up in your mind about your girlfriend.



In the present scenario, girls do work equally as boys. So it might be the case that your girlfriend is too busy in her work schedules and assignment and doesn’t get time to be active on their social accounts and post everyday stuff. She might also be feeling too uncomfortable to reveal her images with you in front of co-workers and refraining from it to avoid any gossips.

She is friends with her family

cheating in relation

It can become the most uncomfortable thing for a girl when she is friends with her family on Facebook. It then becomes quite difficult for her to post or reveal anything regarding you on her account. Not all the parents are cool with their daughter being in a relationship openly and this may cause a serious problem for her.


girls need privacy

Privacy is something that every girl needs in a relationship and might expect the same from you as well. They like to keep their relationship a secret because she might be sceptical that doing so might ruin her relationship with you or with her other friends. So you may not find any post of her pics with you on her social activities.

She is ignoring you


One of the reasons also might be that she is trying to neglect you in her social circle and do not post anything with you. There may be various reasons why she is ignoring you. She might be scared of any public embarrassment or may be shy that her friends might tease her seeing her personal pics with you. In this situation, just let her be comfortable in doing what she feels like.

Hiding something


Finding no sign of your relationship on her social page probably might be because she is trying to hide something from you. It may also create a lot of problems between you both. So the best option here for you is to talk directly to her about how you feel and clarify any sort of doubts you have. Do not keep anything inside you. Else it might be a journey to the end of your relationship.

Her pictures are not good


Before building up any rubbish thoughts in your brain about her, just examine fairly that how she appears in the images of your both together. Some girls are very photogenic. Others might not be. It can be one of the most common of her not posting anything with you.


lazy girl

Some girls are too lazy to be socially active and use any social applications on her cellphones. Probably her last activity on her social account was a quite long time ago. If this is the reason of your partner, sorry for you but you do not have any other choice to either make her an active person or just be content with whatever you have.

Her ex


Your girlfriend might still be friends on Facebook with her ex. One of the obvious reasons could be that she does not want him to see her with someone else. So try talking to her once before reaching to any conclusion and doing anything stupid.


cheating in relation

One of the critical situation can be that your girl might be cheating on you. If she is hesitant in posting anything with you, maybe she is scared of being revealed or exposed. If there is anything fishy in her behaviour or her social account, then confront her face to face and politely explain the situation you are facing.

So before jumping to any conclusion do analyse the solution properly and be patient. You might end up ruining a healthy relationship only just because of your false speculations.

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