Death On The Field! These Indian Athletes Lost Their Lives On Field Tragedies

Tragic deaths on the cricket field

Life is valuable for each and every individual. Life is the best mode to enjoy every type of pleasure. Every individual wants to preserve his or her life. If a person contributes his or her life for any act then, it is a great deed. Sports are enjoyed by many people. Indian players work hard to make their country to win. There are some Indian players or athletes who had tragic deaths on the cricket field.  Now we will deal with these Indian players or athletes in the following manner.

Raman Lambha was a cricket player. In 1986-87 he played against Australia and had scored two fifties and a century. After that, he had played in the Premier League of Dhaka. The deadly moment happened on February 20, 1998. At the forward short-leg, Lamba was fielding. At that time with brute force batsman hit the ball. The ball went straight at the hands of the keeper after smashing his forehead. He felt bad and after three days he rushed towards the hospital and he was declared dead.

  • Vishal Kumar Verma

Vishal Kumar Verma is a national level wrestler. After attaining the age of 25 his position was fourth in the last senior national wrestling championship. As per the Telegraph’s report, in the flooded bathroom loose wire had got hanged from above and he had got electrocuted due to contact of that wire and water. A compensation of INR 1 lakh had been announced for his family by the State Wrestling Association.

  • Peter Biaksanzuala

The name of Indian footballer who had lost his life while playing in the Mizoram Premier League is Peter Biaksangzuala. He had got hurt in a front flip celebration. His spine had got injured and thereafter the condition got worsened and he rushed towards the hospital. Despite the best efforts of doctors, he had lost his life tragically.

  • Ankit Keshri

The former captain of the Under-19 team was Ankit Kesari. When he was trying to get the catch, he got collided with his team-mate Sourabh Mondal. Then, he was rushed towards the hospital and after a few days, he had lost his life.

Thus, we have dealt with some Indian players or athletes who lost their lives on the field tragedies in the above-written matter. We should memorize them by-heart for giving them respect.

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