The Best and the Worst Red Carpet Looks of Female Celebrities in 2016- These might give You Major Fashion Goals or might Make You Laugh

Best and the Worst Red Carpet Looks

When you are in the show biz, your dress speaks volumes for you. You are judged by your clothes, and it is very important to get everything right, or else you will be the joke of the year.

The 2016 year was a good year for fashion. The red carpet saw a variety of elegant, sexy, and flowing gowns.

Let us look at the best red carpet look of 2016 that gave us some major fashion goals-

Best and the Worst Red Carpet Looks

Lady Gaga in Bradon Maxwell at the American Music Awards:

The best way to describe Lady Gaga’s outfit is chic, clean, and classic. She spent the past decade excellently playing the part of a diva, but this year she surprised us in a style that made her title look more comfortable yet elegant.

Nicole Kidman, at the Met Gala:

This gown is the perfect marriage between the dress and the wearer, and Kudos to Nicole’s designer Alexander McQueen. The extensive, sparkling cloak, the moon cycles along the hem of the gown, the vintage Fred Leighton tiara- this gown is what we call having fun with fashion.

Krysten Ritter at the Critics’ Choice Awards:

Best and the Worst Red Carpet Looks

This is one of our favorite red carpet looks of 2016. Jessica Jones’s fame Krysten Ritter wore this beaded oxblood Zuhair Murad dress that stole the show and many hearts as well. Before this outfit, she was never a star to look forward to a fashion front, but now she is definitely the one to watch out for.

Rachel McAdams at the Oscars:

This dress proved gowns don’t need any frills to make a mark on the red carpet. This emerald green silk gown by August Atelier is a stunner and again one of the best looks of this year. While it is simple, it has drama with vibrant color, and it is backless.

Priyanka Chopra at the Emmys:

Priyanka Chopra wore a red Jason Wu gown for the Emmys which was simple yet chic. With the one-shoulder cutout and belt, the dress has just the right amount of detailing to it. The flowing scarlet chiffon is perfect for the twirling, and it matched the red carpet as well.

Worst red carpet looks of 2016

While some celeb always brings their A-game on the red carpet, some become the prey of fashion critics.

Here is a list of the fashion disasters of 2016-

 Best and the Worst Red Carpet Looks

Natasha Lyonne at the “Antibirth” LA:

The dress speaks for itself; no further explanation needed as to why this is on top of our list of worst red carpet looks of 2016. While the venue and the actor both show us that she probably didn’t have many haute couture dresses to pick from, it isn’t an excuse to select this incredibly disastrous dress.

Riley Keough at the Cannes Film Festival:

Although yellow and pink were a big color of 2016, this is the worst utilization of the two beautiful colors. Don’t look at too long you might have permanent retinal damage.

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Alicia Vikander at the Met Gala:

This dress makes us consider bring public shaming back. I am just saying, at least it will prevent this type of fashion disaster from happening again. It looked like she wore these scraps of a rag because someone convinced her that it was a great party dress. Wrong, dead wrong!

Madonna at the Met Gala:

Kudos to her for being bold and controversial even as she is getting older, but the major part of us is forced to indicate her recent fashion disasters in recent years. And just because she is over fifty doesn’t mean that we would let it pass. This is a straight-up dreadful dress, no matter who wears it.

Claire Danes at the Emmys:

May it be her tan, or the Schiaparelli dress or that weird front that looked like it could be the back of the dress- there was something about Claire Danes red carpet look that didn’t quite add up.

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