5 secret places in India where nude parties are thrown

Nude Parties in India

If you are a party animal looking for some kinky fun, you can start joining the nude parties. Yes, it’s unimaginable to think of nude parties in India in such a conservative society. On one hand, we have the censure board cutting intimate scenes out of every movie and on the other,  we had our government attempting to ban adult sites.

5 secret places in India where nude parties are thrown

In such a scenario, it is not surprising that nudity is made punishable by law under an act of immorality but what is more surprising is that yet nude parties are held secretly in India. The huge restriction regarding nudity didn’t keep some of its beaches from holding nude parties and naked people from having fun. The best part about nude parties is that you would not have to be worried about what to wear. Unlike other parties, where you make preparations to look your best, these nude parties in India would welcome you the way look. Just take off your clothes and get wild in this atmosphere of nudity. Nude parties are not just a thing restricted to foreign countries anymore, you can now enjoy a few of them in India as well. Here are 5 secret places that welcome nudists to party: 

1. Ozran beach, Goa

5 secret places in India where nude parties are thrown

Goa is known for fun, amusement, the wildness of the nightlife, and its culture. But in between this amusement is hidden an unpopular beach called Ozran Beach which is frequented by nude tourists. If you want to enjoy a secretive naked time, then definitely this is the place you would like to visit. However,  public nudity is strictly illegal in our country and people at these beaches have been fined for their actions and prosecuted as well. But you can always travel here to enjoy the natural beauty of the place. Ozra Beach is one of the lesser known beaches in India, not that commercialized and hence is a perfect pic for holding secret nude parties.

The beach is harder to find that the more popular beaches. Every year there are many tourists visiting the beach to swim and sunbathe topless. The naturist beach is exotic with swaying coconut trees and beautiful water.

2. Agatti  Island Beach, Lakshadweep

5 secret places in India where nude parties are thrown

This beach is covered with palm and coconut trees and is rich in coral reef and lagoons. Famous for its , tbeautyhis beach surely has a lot more to offer.

It’s said that you often find here topless visitors and at times you also find complete nudists. So, don’t drop your jaws when you visit this place accidentally because topless visitors are really common here. The island is known for its serenity, beauty of coral reefs and the restless tides. These beach witnesses the arrival of many nude tourists who like to take pleasure in the soothing climate of this place and lie naked under the sun. It tops the list of nude parties in India. The magnificent lagoons and aesthetic beauty of coconut trees attract people to this destination.


3. Marari beach

5 secret places in India where nude parties are thrown

Kerala isn’t just home to beautiful backwaters, it also has a hidden nude beach. God’s Own Country, Kerala is also the spot of nudity. The Marari Beach is quite secluded and untouched and you can relax and enjoy a suntan on its soft sand. This beach is popular for being open to nudism. As the place is situated at an isolated location, you will not find too many people around so going nude wouldn’t be a problem.

The beach is the perfect place to explore Kerela Backwaters with a long beautiful coastline, where you can plan a perfect holiday. The beach is located in a small town called Mararikulam, about. 60 km. from Cochin. There are several attractions near Marari Beach, including Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and Kerala backwater channels. This beautiful, isolated beach provides unadulterated enjoyment, perfect for people who don’t want to hide their bodies. Enraptured by the natural wonders of this place, this beach offers the best relaxing place for the people. Taking a nap under the shade of trees and enjoying the nude beauties around would be something to look out for.

4. Paradise beach, Gokarna

5 secret places in India where nude parties are thrown

Once again, the inaccessibility of this place makes it a desirable location to hold nude parties. Paradise Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches with clear blue waters and soft sand. This is a hidden beach in Karnataka, which is far from the land, and if you ask any boatman to take you there, then they would outrightly refuse to do that -the reason being they are embarrassed to visit the land of naked people. The beach is truly a paradise with the sight of naked angels all around. This place in South India is just the hub of nudist gatherings. Here showing your inner beauty is all that matters.

5. Om beach, Gokarna

5 secret places in India where nude parties are thrown

This beach is famous for it’s ‘Om’ shape and is indeed beautiful and pleasing due to its natural surroundings. Its adorned by two freshwater springs and red cliffs. If you visit this “Om” shaped beach, then don’t be shocked to see the people taking off their swimwear. It is often visited by tourists looking to get a tan unrestricted by swimwear. The tourists have come up with the solution of getting undressed on the beach to avoid getting an uneven tan.



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