10 Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owner

Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owne

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Owning a pet is one thing, and caring about him is another. Being a pet owner, you require learning a few tips which would help you keep him healthy as well as in his best shape.

Below we mention a few tips which would actually help you in knowing your pet and hence would strengthen the bond between you two.

1. Know Your Pet Inside Out

Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owner
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The initial step to being an extraordinary pet owner is to know him and his habits thoroughly.

Learn the characteristics of your pet’s breed, for example, how often they need to exercise, how much friendly they are, and what are some of the new technological advancements which might help you in the better upkeep of your pet.

Knowing the nuts and bolts about your pet’s upkeep guarantees that you won’t be surprised in case something comes up suddenly.

2. Get your Animal Trained Properly

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One of the most common reasons why pets are sent to the shelters after owning them for quite a while is because they start behaving in an unacceptable manner.

One of the prime reasons for this behavior is because these pets haven’t been trained in a proper manner initially.

Just like your child learns the manners he is taught during his early years, dogs also can be trained during the times when they are still a puppy.

Getting them familiar with commands such as ‘sit’, ’come’ etc. during the early phase inculcates a feeling of command and obedience in them.

In case you aren’t able to train him appropriately then you can try putting him in some official dog training schools.

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3. Establish Uniform Pet Rules

Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owner
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While deciding on what your pet is allowed to and what is forbidden for, make sure that every family member of yours is present. Everybody should be on the same page with respect to the pet rules in your house.

This means that if you have decided that the dog shouldn’t bark in the house, then this has to be maintained by all members of the family unanimously.

This doesn’t confuse the dog while at the same time also gives him a clear idea of what is allowed in the house and what isn’t.

4. Reward Him for Good Behaviour

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This can also be one of the best measures for training your pet. Whenever he does something you tell him to do or he has learned anything new reward him by giving him food or some different treat.

This serves two benefits. First, the pet doesn’t become obese, and hence you can easily control his health, the second thing is that this way your pet learns things quite quickly and would every time obey you in the wake of receiving a treat.

5. Start By Socialising Your Pet

Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owner
Source: Pet Central

This is again one of the most prominent reasons why pets and especially dogs tend to show ferocious behavior. Pets like any other human being sometimes require attention and a little bit of care.

So while in their early developing stage, try socializing your creature. Talk to him, play with him, and let other members of your family also know him.

In case you aren’t able to socialize your pet in his early stages of development, then there is a petite chance that you would be able to accomplish this task when this pet of yours is all grown up.

6. Try to Keep Your Pet In Shape

Source: HelpGuide

You can see numerous kittens as well as dogs to be in extremely poor shape and hence tend to gain too much weight. Try keeping your pet in good shape by regularly making him exercise.

This can be accomplished by playing with him regularly taking him out on a walk or allowing him to move freely around the house.

In case you aren’t able to keep your pet in good shape, it won’t be much later when your pet would become a fast obese beast whose health will take a serious hit once he begins to mature.

7. Provide Your Pet with a Healthy Atmosphere

Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owner
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Most of the pets especially dogs and rabbits tend to feel sad and depressed if left alone for a very long time. Therefore in case you are one of those people who spend most of the time out of the house then we wouldn’t suggest you get yourself a puppy or a rabbit.

You probably can get yourself a kitten as they are animals who usually prefer being alone. However, in case you are very much determined to get yourself a dog than try to make some arrangements for your dog’s care as well as entertainment.

You can either leave your dog with your neighbor or your relative who might be able to treat him in the same manner as you would.

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8. Give Your Pet a World of his own

Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owner
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Just like when a newborn comes to your place you dedicate an entire room to him, similarly try and allocate some portion of your house to your pet.

This can be an area where he can freely move around and do whatever he feels like doing. In case you own a kitten then you can probably give her a litter box, similarly, in case it is a dog then something like a box would do.

This means that you need to make your pet feel a part of your family, and once he begins to realize its importance, you won’t find a friend more loyal as well as dedicated than him.

9. Understand Your Pet

Source: Young Girl Playing With Happy Dog In The Kitchen.

Pets don’t tend to do anything without any reason. They try to communicate with you with the help of certain actions, and you need to understand those actions in case you want them to obey you.

Never punish or torture them in any physical manner. There are numerous other ways which you can adopt to help them learn.

We don’t say that you should encourage inappropriate behavior, but we also don’t say that you should start harming them physically.

10. Maintain The Hygiene of Your Pet

Tips to be a Responsible Pet Owner
Source: American-Kennel-Club

This includes cleaning them or washing them up occasionally. You should try and maintain the health of your pet. Groom his/her hairs, trim their nails and keep them in a healthy state.

Also, it is your duty to daily wash the bowls and utensils in which they eat and also clean the area in which they prefer staying.

Following the tips mentioned above, you will get yourself a pet that would be one of the most loyal as well as a trustworthy friend you would ever have.

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