10 Most expensive dog breeds around the world

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The dog is aptly known popularly as a man’s best friend. But more often than not, these friends come so expensively – particularly if they are purebred lineages.

There are a variety of reasons which make them expensive. Their uncommonness or purity of the breed can make them incredibly lavish.

Recently, a one-year-old, golden-hair Tibetan Mastiff was sold in China for almost $2 million USD, making it the most expensive dog sale ever.

Read more to find out about the top 10 expensive dog breeds in the world.

1. Chow Chow

Expensive dog
Source : wonderslist

The Chow Chow breed is at number 10 in our list of most expensive dog breeds, which can have a price of anywhere between $3,000 – $9,000.

It originally belongs to China, where it is also known as Songshi Quan which means the ‘puffy-lion dog’. Chow Chow is an old breed that dates back to around 300 BC.

Chow Chow is thought to have served the early humans as hunting, birding, and guarding dog. It’s a medium-sized dog with a huge head and around the muzzle, recognizable by its blackish-blue tongue and a lion-like coat.

Loyal to their caretakers and prized by dog fanciers around the world for their regal appearance, Chow Chows are truly a wonderful breed.

2. Pharaoh Hound

Pharoah Hound
Source : wonderslist

At number nine in the list of the most expensive dog breeds is the Pharaoh Hound which is also the national dog of Malta.

It can fetch anywhere between $3,000 – $7,000 USD. One of the best-looking dogs – they have petite body fat and are excellent jumpers.

Although they have no link with ancient Egypt, a popular myth says that the breed descended on earth from the Tesem, one of the ancient Egyptian hunting dogs. Smart and occasionally stubborn – they like to be independent.

3. Akita

Expensive dog
Source : wonderslist

In at number eight for the most expensive dog breeds is the entry from Japan, the Akita which can easily sell for at least $3,500 USD.

It is a large spitz, powerful, dominant, and independent dog breed that is commonly aloof with unknown people and more affectionate towards their family members.

As a breed, Akitas are usually hardy, but they have been known to go through various genetic conditions and hence have developed a sensitivity to certain drugs.

4. Chinese Crested Hairless

Expensive dog
Source : wonderslist

Number 7 in the most expensive dog breeds list is the Chinese hairless dog. It is a small dog that has a single layer of the fur coat.

It is one of the most exotic dogs breeds because of its strange appearance. The price tag is no less than $5000 USD.

5. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetian Mastiff
Source : wonderslist

At number six in our list is the Tibetan Mastiff, belonging from Tibet. Mastiff is a rare breed, which can usually go for $5,000 – $9,000 USD.

Although one of these dogs made history by being sold out for $2 million in the Republic of China, it still does not make it the most expensive dog breed.

6. Canadian Eskimo Dog

Expensive dog
Source : wonderslist

At number five in our list is the Canadian Eskimo, which is usually considered to be one of North America’s oldest and rarest remaining purebred domestic indigenous canines.

It’s a powerful and athletic dog breed. The price is around $6000 USD.

7. German Shepherd

German Shephard
Source : wonderslist

The place at number four stands for the brilliant and versatile German Shepherd who can go for a minimum price of $6,500 USD.

The German Shepherd was originally seen as a guard dog for flocks of sheep, but today it makes an ideal companion, police, guard, war, and a search-and-rescue dog.

Because of their incredible versatile skill set, a well-trained German Shepherd might as well be a costly expense.

8. Samoyed

Expensive dog
Source : wonderslist

Siberian dogs that were bred by the nomadic herders for pulling sleds and herd dogs – Samoyeds today are amongst the most expensive dog breeds in the world and known to sell for somewhere between $6,500 – $12,000 USD.

It’s a playful and loving breed that gets along with its family very well. They are excellent companions for our little children and older adults at the same time.

It can be a bit overprotective towards its owner sometimes and is known to be a bit persistent. Therefore it is important to socialize them in their early years.

9. Rottweiler

Source : wonderslist

The Rottweiler is in at number 2 in our most expensive dog breeds of the word list. It is usually a large size breed of a domestic dog.

Rottweiler always behaves in a natured way, easygoing, keen, and obedient. They even work as police, military, and search-rescue dogs.

They can be pretty aggressive to strangers and other animals that come along and needs proper socialization from a young age. Rottweiler has a price of a minimum of $7, 000 USD.

10. Lowchen

Expensive dog
Source : wonderslist

And we have now the number one in our ‘most expensive dog breeds’ list; the Lowchen. This dog is renowned as the Little Lion Dog or the toy dog.

The Lowchen is amongst the rarest and unique dog breeds in the present world. New registrations for this dog every year count only in the hundreds. The price tag is a minimum of $7000 USD.

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