Meeting boyfriend’s parents for the first time? Here are 10 tips that will help you get along with his parents



Meeting boyfriend’s parents for the first time? Here are 10 tips that will help you get along with his parents

Meeting boyfriend’s parents, boys consider this a huge milestone in a relationship. If you are going to meet your boyfriend’s parents for the first time, there are few effective ways to impress them. Remember, everything counts in the first impression. It is a key in establishing a good relationship. Here are ten tips to impress your boyfriend’s parents.

Dress appropriately


Don’t wear revealing outfits as they can give a wrong indication. Wearing something formal and decent can make you look like you are trying too hard to impress them. Instead judge the occasion, audience and the environment to wear something that will allow you to blend in. Don’t wear clothes that make you uncomfortable. And don’t overdo the make-up.

Appreciate his mom’s taste


If you are at her place, admire and compliment her for being such a wonderful host. Appreciate the meal she prepared. Laugh at her jokes. This will give an impression that you are friendly and it will let her know that you notice and acknowledge all the work she’s done.

Bond with the kinfolks


Be friendly with your boyfriend’s siblings, especially with the younger ones. Bonding with the younger siblings, making them laugh and have fun if you could do that, your boyfriend’s family will think of you as a fun person.

Converse with everybody in the room


Your only motive is not to impress the parents, but the relatives also. Give everyone something to remember you and let them talk highly of you. Your main aim may be to impress the mother, but that does not mean you focus all your energies on it and ignore the rest of the crowd. This will make a bad impression.

Don’t be a romantic in front of his family


Keep your hands off your boyfriend in front of his family and relatives. Holding hands, all kind of physical affection is better to be avoided when you meet them. Calling each other by pet names, learning on each other can be a bit much.



While conversing, use good listening strategy. Show your interests in their subjects of conversation. Ask questions about the hosts and listen carefully. Try to find common subjects to converse like a favorite vacation spot, favourite cuisines and all.

Help around the house


During the gatherings and parties, help his mother and everyone else by taking responsibilities for chores. It could be anything from serving water, food, cleaning up the table, preparing food. If you keep offering help politely, you may be refused as you are likely to be treated as a guest. Don’t just offer help, start helping. It will lead to letting them know that you know household chores.

Keep off from sensitive matters


Stay away from sensitive and controversial topics until you have set up a healthy relationship with his family. Matters of divorce, death and money are delicate and sensitive and talking about those make a bad impression of you. It will create negative thoughts about you in his parents’ heads.

Be simple and truthful


Your boyfriend’s family is going to ask questions about yourself, your job, and your parents. Don’t just nod on everything they ask or say. Provide them specific answers but don’t continue to speak on a particular matter.

Evade competition


Don’t bother correcting them. Meeting boyfriend’s parents is not the time to prove that you are good at everything. Don’t spill secrets of your boyfriend in front of his parents.

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