Nervous about meeting girlfriend’s parents? Here are some tips that will help you get along with them



Nervous about meeting girlfriend’s parents? Here are some tips that will help you get along with them

Meeting girlfriend’s parents for the first time, it can be really hard to know how to act around them. The first impression is everything. The important thing is to be respectful and engaged and make it clear how much you like their daughter. Here are some tips on how to impress your girlfriend’s parents.

Learn about them


Do some homework. Learn what can you about your girlfriend’s parents before meeting them. It can be anything from where they work, their hobbies. It will help you hold a conversation they find interesting. More important than their hobbies and what they like is to find out on where they stand on their religious and political beliefs.

Dress according to the occasion


Get groomed, put on clean clothes and dress nicer than the occasion demands. Don’t wear flashy clothes, ripped jeans and don’t be too casual. Dress smart and make sure everything is clean. Ask your girlfriend for her opinion, she knows them best.

Be punctual


Arrive on time. Never keep your girlfriend’s parents waiting. Arriving late will make a bad impression and as disrespect. It will start the introduction on the wrong foot as the first conversation you make with them will be about why are you late. An on-time arrival will showcase your commitments and displays dependability.

Meet them with confidence


Give her father a firm and solid handshake. When it is firm and solid, it displays that you mean business. All men who mean business use the firm handshake. Tell them that you are happy to meet them and thank them for inviting you over. Make sure when you meet them for the first time, be very polite and don’t use any slang words. This will show that you are educated and well aware of your surroundings.

Keep conversing


Awkward pauses and only speaking when asked a question portrays that your confidence level is low or that you are nervous. Try to find some common grounds to talk about. When you are prepared, you will have plenty of things to discuss like about their job and their personal interests. Stay interested and engaged regardless of the subject.

Speak assuredly about yourself


They will want to know about your background. So give them a brief and direct response that showcases a positive self-image. Don’t elaborate unless they ask for further details. Tell them about your job profile and your vision regarding your career.

Be ready for questions and answers


Figure out the questions that they might ask before meeting her parents. The questions can be anything from do you drink to Do you smoke. Be prepared for anything they shoot at you.

Treat your girlfriend with respect


This is the most important thing you can do to. All parents want their daughter to find a good mate who will respect her and treat her well.  Show them that you are that person. Encourage their daughter and tell them that how accomplished she is and how many great qualities she has. Be gentlemen and treat her like a lady.

Maintain a healthy body language


Your body language can say more words than your actual speaking. How you sit, how you speak all matters. Sitting cross armed may suggest that you are not open for suggestions and you are not inviting them in. Avoiding eye contact may lead to they thinking of you as untrustworthy and devious.

Express your gratitude and say farewell


Shake hands, exchange hugs or whatever seems appropriate. Thank them abundantly for having you over and smile. But once you exit the door, don’t look back until you reach your car. When you reach your car, unlock the door and open then turn around and flash a smile to them.


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