10 easy ways to differentiate between real friends and fake friends


10 easy ways to differentiate between real friends and fake friends

Friendship has been justly termed as one of the best aspects of life. That said, some friends are definitely way better than others. Real friends and fake friends can be really difficult to distinguish, but this is the difference that you should know! Real friends are those rare people who will do anything for you. You always know they will be on your side no matter what, through thick and thin. Fake friends might as well be the scum of the Earth for the support they will extend to you.

Use this guide to figure out in the easiest possible way if your friends are your real friends!

1. Support you in all your endeavours


A true best friend will encourage you with anything that you are trying for. Whether it be something as crazy as taking up square dancing, or as difficult as changing your career path, a friend who is real, he will be there every step of the way.

2. Love your dorky personality

We all have those dorky things that are a part of our everyday life. A real friend loves those things, and even if they don’t, they bear with them! In fact, if they are an actual true friend they just might join in with you!

3. Forgive you for anything

Sometimes you might royally screw up. With fake friends, a mistake can even cost you a friendship. Real friends do realise that sometimes everyone messes up. They will forgive you not because they don’t realise you did a mistake, but because they value the friendship you have more than your (temporary) error.

4. Always have your back

It doesn’t even matters who is on the other side of the fight, what the issue is/was, or if you’re in the wrong or right, a real friend will stand by you no matter what. They always have your back and will fight for you with no enquiries done. That’s just what a real friend does!

5. Let you explore your interests

With time we grow, we gradually discover new interests, and it is possible, that sometimes they seem totally unlike ourselves! It is in these times that fake friends will make a mickey out of you and tell you to stick to your domain, your status quo. *cue High School Musical song* A real friend, lets you do your thing no matter how offbeat they seem and even goes as far as encouraging you to explore this new part of yourself.

6. Know all your little quirks

We all have tiny traits about ourselves (IE: we are cranky in the morning, we might get flirtatious when drunk, we eat too much when it comes to dinner rolls, etc.) that only our real friends know about. No one else knows you pretty much like your real friends. The fact that they notice those little quirks about you is a good sign!

7. They regularly keep in contact

Fake friends will only come in touch with you when they want something or need to know some juicy gossip. Real friends will contact you wherever and whenever they miss you or want you just because they are always interested in what’s presently happening in your life. They don’t need to know the recent gossip about your own relationship. They might just want to be updated about what you had for lunch today.

8. They keep your secrets

If you can trust blindly on anyone to not gossip around and paint the town read about your dark little secrets, it’s just your real friends. Fake friends will treat your secrets like it’s nothing sacred. A true friend values your confidence, and will not tell anyone.

9. Don’t have to dress to impress


If you have to put on really nice clothes, do your hair, and make sure that you smell nice just to hang out – then you know you have fake friends. A real friend will let you come over in sweatpants with unwashed hair. The worst they might do is make a joke, but they won’t really care at all. They just want to spend time with you. Real friendship is measured in how gross you can look when you hang out!

10. They make time for you

It doesn’t matter if they only have an hour between work and their pottery class, a real friend will let you come over for a drink anytime. It isn’t a matter of time; it’s a matter of they want to spend time with you, rather than having time to themselves

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