Why friends turned lovers are better than just lovers?


Why friends turned lovers are better than just lovers?

Love comes along in very strange ways sometimes. While some people may claim to have found their soulmate, some find love at first sight and some are destined to be just lovers. But the feeling that surpasses them all is when you start to develop strong feelings towards someone who is your friend. All the understanding, as well as feelings that are required in a friendship, also make for a healthy relationship. So friend turned lovers is always an excellent idea. In fact, there nothing as incredible as this feeling because it not just provides a balanced understanding but is also a parcel of loyalty, care and love. When we talk about a friend, we are speaking about a person who knows us in and out, who takes care of us and at the same time tells us if we hinder from the right path. So, obviously, friends turned lovers are better than just lovers.

Here are the top 10 assorted reasons why friends that have turned into lovers are better than just lovers-

You can be yourself

be yourselfThe time at which you fall for your friend, a part of you knows that you can just be yourself. There is no reason to pretend when you are around them. While when you are just lovers with a person, you have to put a lot of effort in worrying about impressing the other person. Being in love with a friend can ensure that you are always true to them. You get the opportunity to enjoy the essence of your individuality. Each of you can always accept one another for what they are.

The connection is deeper and stronger

connectionFriends who have turned into lovers always have a way deeper and stronger relation as they have already shared the bond of friendship. You already have the most amazing memories as well as experiences as friends, and you know now that those experiences will continue. Your partner is someone who will always be there.

Its fun

funWhen you date a friend, it turns into a very exciting and fun experience. You will mostly have a romantic and at the same time a fun-to-be-around relationship with them. There will be a lot of unexpected flirting along with various mixed signals, and every second you are with them will be unexpectedly enjoyable. It is very easy to fall into a deep well of love with your partner. Friends who have turned into lovers is extremely challenging in its very own way.

You can talk as much as you want to

Avoid-talking-on-the-phoneWhen you have already been friends with someone, you know the topics which makes them uncomfortable and which are off the radar. There will always be something that you want to say to them if you are dating your friend because when you have your friend by your side, there is never a single dull moment. You will always have random topics to talk about in hand and trust me on this; you will enjoy every bit of it.

Same friend circle

friend circleOne of the most amazing about dating your friend is that both of you share your friend circle. Since you will mostly hang out together, so there is never a feeling to be left out behind. The members in your group remain the same. There are numerous opportunities to celebrate and enjoy together.

You can joke

jokes-for-folksPlaying pranks and joke on each other is a safe zone as you are sure of not hurting your partner’s feeling. It is one of the most amazing things about dating your best friend. You can play jokes and pranks with them without offending them. Most importantly you learn to enjoy the embarrassment. Just lovers miss this chance. There will always be the ignited spark in your relationship when you are dating your friend.

You know each other

Knowing each other as friends for a long time, and aftermath the relation turns into that of lovers. You will learn to respect each other and recognise your desires inside out.


Trust-moreYou have developed a very deep trust over time for each other. Dating a friend gives you an advantage when the matter is of trust and honesty.

You have a belief that you won’t be lied to, and the trust you have will be complete. The relationship has a new meaning added to it, and it becomes way easier.

Nobody gets hurt

the-hurt-heartWhen you have been friends with someone for a long time and then turn into lovers, you will stay protective of the other person no matter how rough things get.


true-spiritual-love-relationshipLove blooms, even more, when you fall for him/her, and you start even more. You will enjoy everything about them, and you will love everything about them. There will be lots of love with fun and spark in your relationship. Friends turned lovers is always a very good idea than just lovers.

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