10 signs you are dating a Man and Not a Boy


10 Signs you are dating a Man and Not a Boy

The universe of dating has completely different boundaries that separate the men from just boys. As any of your single female friends will tell you, as far as the dating scene is concerned, most of the guys can promise a good game when it comes to talks, however, it’s their actions that we look forward to for telling everything of importance about them. There are signs you are dating a man and not a boy.

Most of them might prove very good at playing around and hiding the repelling aspects of their personalities. There are certain specific indicators though that can make all the difference in the world. These differences decide whether it has been a dating mistake or will it turn into a lasting relationship.

He listens when you talk

He finds you as well as your concerns genuinely interesting. He listens raptly to whatever you have to say. Sneaking peeks at his phone while he is in a conversation with you is a big no-no. He does not nod cluelessly when you talk.

He puts time into his appearance

He doesn’t turn up for a date or even when you just want to spend time together in a non-appealing attire. Dirty, torn unacceptable clothing or pants drooping down to his knees are off the radar. He shows respects towards himself by dressing well and he respects the time you have together by caring about how he presents himself.

He is kind to others

He takes care not to disrespect the elderly waiter at the restaurant, or the cashier working at the nearest cafe or talk down to the server when he commits an error. You’ve seen him being kind to animals as well as kids in general.

He is good to the women in his life

As out of a movie that it might sounds, it is equally true that a lot can be told about a man from the way you see him treating the women he knows. The manner in which he talks about his mother and all the other women that are an integral part of his life – grandmother, sister, etc. speaks volumes about him. Respect is respect, and if he knows that he respects them, he will tend to respect you.

He likes animals

animal love
Again, a this might sound a bit cliché and cheesy on the surface, but deep down in the heart, a man who is not kind to animals, or is mean to a defenceless animal is basically just on a power trip. Such type of people have issues which are bound to reveal themselves in an unexpected nasty way someday. Try not to take the chance.

He’s a hard worker

hard worker
Be wary of the type of person who is a freeloader. Who, in spite of being in his mid-20’s, still lives at home, lets his mother do laundry for him, cook food for him, etc. A man who has a healthy sense of self-esteem and firm ambitions will not just have a job but he will also make sure that he goes to work faithfully to earn his way in life.

He will remember important events in your relationship

remember date
A man and not a boy will make it a point to memorise your special days like birthday, anniversary, etc. Trivial things like your favourite perfume, favourite flowers, do not go unnoticed by him. All the things that make you who you are, are important to him.

He will not allow you to be disrespected by anyone

A boy might have the childish attitude that screams, “Bros before hoes”. A man makes sure that he introduces his lady love to his friend circle and also makes sure that no disrespect for her ever pass their lips.

He will care about your family’s opinion of him

Some families will make it a point to NEVER like a guy, no matter what. Even if your man is born with wings and halo. If you know that your man has shown you and your family respect, but they are still adamant to not give him a chance, leave him be without making a big scene out of it. If he has been putting maximum efforts, done his best in every way and they still don’t want to do anything with him, accept that it’s their issue, he is not a part of it and neither are you.

He won’t flirt, and he won’t allow women to flirt with him

If one of your “friends” comes on to him, he will tell you immediately, not slip her his number with a wink. Any woman who approaches him will be informed in a gentlemanly manner that he, in fact, has a lady and is very happy. You will never feel a moment’s need to search through his cell phone.

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