You never knew your lip reveals a lot about your health! Know here!

You never knew your lip reveals a lot about your health! Know here

Your lips reveal a lot about your health

The lips are generally associated with the beauty, but their condition also speak a lot about your regular health.
Here are few basic problems you can watch out for:

Swollen lips


This is one the prominent indicator of poor health. Swollen lips can be caused by Crohn’s disease, which often causes swelling of the bowel but can also inflame the lymph ducts at any random point in the body. Swollen lips is also an indicator of food sensitivity.

Cracked lips

cracked lips

Cracks seen at the side of the mouth (i.e. angular cheilitis) are generally caused due to anaemia, which occurs due to the shortage of iron in the body.
Cracks also are the symptoms of diabetes because, the high level of blood sugar, which follows the disease, encourages the growth of candida. It is a yeast-like infection, which usually attacks the thin dermis present at the corners of the mouth.

Chapped lips

bright red lips

Chapped lips that are persistently sore can indicate an allergy. This can cause swelling in the lips slightly, that further causes cracking and peeling of the skin. The cause could be anything varying from dentist’s gloves to peanuts or lipstick. Pay attention to your cosmetic products and better consider an allergy test.

Burning lips

This could be a sign of depression. A Huge amount of sensory equipment is present in the brain, which becomes overly sensitive towards a psychological imbalance. Here are some daily habits that lead to stress.

Red aura

This is another allergy symptom that is generally caused by the consumption of carbonated drinks in high quantities. Doctors have reported seeing an increasing number of people who have developed an allergy to the benzoic acid, a major content present in fizzy drinks and toothpaste.

Scaly and crusted lips

Scaly and crusted lips

This is often referred to as ‘Lick Eczema’. The skin on the lips is made up of lesser sebaceous glands as compared to rest of the skin and hence is prone to drying out faster than other areas.
People lick their lips excessively which leads to the drying out of the few oils present there. This leaves the tissue and area around the mouth dry, which makes it more vulnerable to infections. Try applying some moisturizer to the area and give up the habit.

Cold sores

Cold sores are caused due to the reactivation of the herpes virus in the body. Once you have accumulated the virus, it never leaves your body. Recurrent cold sores are a sign that the immune system of your body has been laid low. It can also be a result of poor diet. A doctor should check any sore that lasts longer than 15 days.

Not only the condition of lips but also their condition is an indicator of the health of our inner body. Significance of various lip colors is listed below.

Pale lips

cold sores

You may be suffering from anaemia and not even know it. If you have pale lips, you probably are neglecting to feed your body with iron rich foods like dark green vegetables, red meat, or hearty grains. You should include Rich Carb Food, protein rich foodDry fruits in your daily diet. According to Chinese culture, light lip colour is linked to a cold body with cold energy. A jog will not do, instead, eat some warm foods to increase your energy levels.

Very bright red lips

bright red lips

Unsurprisingly, a nice shade of red is what everyone looks for to determine the health of their lips. However, this red shade, if too bright, can also be a sign that you have a struggling liver and spleen. Give a weekend to your body to relax and regenerate. Also, consuming foods such as melon, celery, honey and light-colored teas can be of a lot of help.

Purple or green tinted lips

blue lips

These colours are likely symptoms of problems with your respiratory system or heart that require the attention of a medical professional.

Dark red to black lips

Women generally have a perception that men are attracted to dark lips and hence they continue to keep them that way. Dark lips can be a result of an overloaded digestive system. In fact, your body requires some cleansing. Honey, yogurt and sweet potatoes are foods that are fiber rich and can be really helpful to serve your purpose.

Dark red or purple lines around lips

If the lines around lips seem darker than the normal area of lips, your body may be out of balance. In your busy and hectic schedule, you are forgetting to eat whole grains, relax every once in a while and make healthy choices. Do not forget to keep your body rejuvenated and hydrated.

So maintaining your body health from inside very important if you want to have a glowing look outside. You should incorporate some healthy habits That Will actually Change Your Life.Your unhealthy lips indicate an unhealthy body that requires your attention. After all, lips are something that everyone need to care about!

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