10 Panties Every Woman Must Own

Like other pieces of clothing, panties, too, come in several types. Each panty style is suitable for various occasions, which will suit your body and make you feel different from within. We have listed down ten panty types that you can choose from depending on your mood and occasion. Let us take a look.


This type is popularly known as ‘granny panties.’ These high-waisted classics uphold the comfort factor more than anything else. They provide ample front and back coverages and are perfect for those lady pink days. A panty as such is made of cotton, nylon, etc. You can pair them with loose-fitting clothes for their visible panty line potential.


  • Hipsters

The name quite says it all; such panties start from your hips and extend relatively down towards the leg. Hipsters, too, provide wide coverage at the front and back and on the sides, as well. These are best worn with high-rise bottom wear to avoid that panty popping up. These can also be your favourite companions during your period days.


  • Boyshorts

These panties resemble men’s underwear and are low-rise. A boyshort also extends down, covering the top half of the thigh. They, too, focus on the comfort factor and are made with fabrics, such as cotton, etc. You can pair them with dresses and skirts to provide extra cover in that area.


  • Thongs

Thongs are meant to make you feel special down there. They cover the front with a triangular material, a little on the sides, and have only a string at the back. They are meant to flaunt your assets. You can find them in exciting colours and patterns. Thongs are perfect for body-hugging clothes and some special occasions with your partner.


  • French Cut

Such a panty has a high-rise waistline and has leg openings that are high-cut. If you are not confident about your bellies, then you can go for this type. French cuts also have the visible panty line issue, so pairing them up with loose-fitting high-waisted apparel will be a better choice. It keeps the comfort factor along with being sexy.

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  • G-String

They offer the least amount of coverage than any type of panties available. G-strings only cover the front and are thinner than thongs. They are the sexiest of them all. You can match them up with bodycon apparels and mostly when you are feeling flirtatious. A panty like this will also flaunt your assets down there.

  • Control Brief

These quite resemble the classics but are high-waisted. Control briefs are designed to shape your belly, waist, and butt. A panty like this offers maximum coverage and is suitable to be worn with tight clothing. These are better avoided for romantic occasions.


  • Brazilian Brief

When you combine a thong and a hipster, you get a Brazilian brief. They are low-rise and provide minimal butt coverage. It is famous for its subtle sex appeal. It also tends to a visible panty line, so it will be a better option to pair them up with loose-fitting clothes.


  • Bikini

These are quite common and offer medium back coverage. A bikini also flaunts your assets, along with being comfortable and subtly sexy. It will help to avoid tight-fitting clothes with it but can be worn for any occasion.


  • Seamless

Nothing can beat seamless panties when it comes to comfort. You might have realized by now that they are seamless and do not show any signs of their existence. These are the best options to wear with a bodycon dress.



So, these are the ten types of panties that you should at least own a pair of to suit different occasions and moods. They will cover you for any party, a meeting, a romantic night, or just lazing around.

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