How to kiss a boy?



How to kiss a boy?

If you want to Kiss a boy, it might seem terrifying. But it is a lot easier than you think. And if you are good at that, keeping him attached to you get easier. He will possibly be flattered that you went first. Here are some basics on exactly how to kiss a boy.

Flirt with him


Smile is the best weapon. And remember, flirting is about showing him you are interested in a compelling way. Do light touches, pay him a compliment. A man loves to be complemented.

Text him


Don’t message him constantly but send a few texts every so often. If you text him constantly, he will be annoyed and if you do it right, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

Look at your best


There is no need to go into a complete makeover mode. But you can try to look a bit beautiful. There are few small things that you can do to make yourself more tempting like pay attention to your hair, smell nice.

Break the touch barrier


Try holding his hands or give him a hug. If he even responds to the smaller touches, don’t hesitate to go bigger. Sit closer to him; if he seems to like it, you are on the right track.

Get him alone


Hang back from the crowd, find opportunities to pull away. Public places are not the best place for a kiss as you can get people staring at you. Find a place that’s intimate so that it would make it easy for him.

Make a romantic atmoshpere


If you get the timing right, a romantic atmosphere can do half the work. Try to be alone with him, make sure to keep the conversation going on. And if the conversation is stopped anyway, let it happen as he can’t kiss you if you don’t stop talking.

Make eye contact


Locking eyes not only seems romantic but it also states that you are sincere and honest. Be bold to look in his eyes while making a conversation, especially right before you go for the kiss.

Maintain a healthy body language


Align yourself toward him. If both of you are standing, make sure to keep your toes pointed at him or if you are sitting, point your knees at him. Do not fidget, and do not try to hide your nervousness.

Get close to him


Sit or stand close to him. Gauge his actions, watch how he responds when you lean towards him. If he is comfortable with that and does not pull away, you are probably clear to go ahead.



You will get the feeling that it is time to kiss. So kiss him as usual or if kissing on the mouth seems a little too much, go for the cheek or forehead. It is your first kiss, so it doesn’t matter. What matter is the moment.

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