10 ways to get over mood swings

10 ways to get over mood swings

When we talk about the ways to get over mood swings, the first thought comes to our mind is, is it a disease? Mood swing is a sudden and rapid change in your frame of mind. Your mood can suddenly shift from being happy to extreme sadness and terror and then to another emotion. Most of the time, mood swings are the reactions to your environment or situations. In other cases, mood swings may occur for no apparent reason. If you are repeatedly finding yourself dealing with mood swings which are difficult to control, here are some ways you can prefer to get over mood swings.

Be optimistic


Mood swings are often associated with relentless expectations for bad things to happen. Like, your father has informed you that he has something to tell you and you immediately assume that he is ill or maybe your friend calls you to tell that the result has arrived and you start thinking about getting failed. These are all negative thoughts cultivating in your mind which are even inaccurate. It can affect your mood and lead you to feel angry and upset. Being optimistic is one of the ways to get over mood swings and maintain the calmness in you.

Avoid being an over thinker


It is another way that may lead yourself into a bad mood. Maybe you had a bad interaction with someone. You should not let this one situation or conversation make you feel like it is ominous or determinant of other bias in your life. This kind of thinking is bound to make you upset and moody.

Learn to laugh


People who are prone to mood swings take themselves very seriously. But laughing at your habits, things you said or done, a debacle you have found in yourself, making a joke at your own expense can help in controlling your mood swings.

Drink less


Drinking alcohol can calm your nerves, but not for long. When your body processes the alcohol, it releases dysphoria- an emotional state marked by anxiety in your body. This may accompany depression or agitation leading to emotional distress, and in some cases, physical distress is seen.

Know when to step back


When it comes to controlling your mood swings, the important thing to keep in mind is to know when your emotions are taking over. And your best move would be exiting that situation. If you are getting angry or filled with negative emotions and you feel like you have no control over what you are going to say or do, then you should step back from the situation. You could just leave without saying anything.

Calm yourself down


Whenever you think or feel your emotions are rising, whether it is an annoying situation or a conversation, just take few minutes to be still and focus on getting your breathing back to normal. Wait until you stop feeling angry before you return to the situation.

Engage in some activities


Everyone has their perspective about how they calm themselves. You should experiment and find out what works for you. Some people love sitting back with a warm cup of tea; other people just need to take a walk to clear their minds. Find out what’s best for you.

Give it a thought before speaking something


When we talk about the ways to get over mood swings, maintaining your emotion and feelings is a must. When your emotions are rising and in the process, say something that will make everyone involved feel worse. It is a thing that you would regret later. When you feel yourself getting heated, take a moment and ask yourself if the thing you want to say is helpful by any means.

Eat something


Most of the people have mood swings just because their blood sugar level is low and they need to eat. When you find yourself feeling angry, cranky and irritated, just go and eat something. It will calm your nerves.

Get enough sleep


Mood swings often occur due to lack of sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, it will make you irritated and less in control of your mind and body. Every person requires at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily for their bodily functions to work properly.

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