10 signs that your boyfriend is taking you for granted


10 signs that your boyfriend is taking you for granted

People say that these are the signs that your boyfriend is taking you for granted when you get to the point in your relationship where you two get really comfortable with each other.  Your boyfriend taking you for granted does not mean that he is pernicious or seeking vengeance. Sometimes it just means that he is too comfortable with you. While this doesn’t mean that you need to break up, it means you need to have a serious talk. Here are ten signs that your boyfriend is taking you for granted.

Never making you his first priority


When people are in a relationship, they make each other their top priority or one of their top priorities. If your boyfriend is choosing his friends over your, or he always want to do what he wants, never makes time for you but has time for other stuff, then there is a problem. It is a signs that your boyfriend is taking you for granted.

Not listening to you


If your boyfriend can’t communicate, then it is a big problem. Do try to make conversations with him about how you want to pursue this relationship further and if he shuts you off, then it is not a good thing. He should be listening to you. This sign indicates that he has taken you for granted.

You feeling unappreciated


Feeling used, hurt and disrespected in the relationship. Your partner making you useless and small in this relationship can be a sign. Even if you don’t think of leaving him, but are worried about him leaving you.

Every time the blame is on you


You may treat your boyfriend with love and affection. Trying very hard to please him and it all goes unnoticed. But when if you make one single mistake, he make it a point never to forget it and bringing it at every instance.

Your favors turning into expectations


Anything you do for him, a favor, is now turned into an expectation. Even if you have planned something special for him, he believes that it is your responsibility to do that. And if get something wrong, he gets angry.

Being forgotten


Is boyfriend forgetting your birthday or any special days, does not know what is really happening in your life and don’t even bother to ask you about it because they think their life is much important than yours.

Never admitting their mistakes


Because of his big ego, he just doesn’t admit his mistakes even if he is wrong. He doesn’t want to see you outdo him at something because apologizing to you is an insult to his ego.

Never calling you or texting you back


If he doesn’t call you back even if several hours has passed or not replying to your texts and you know he is not that busy. It is a sign for taken for granted.

He is very impatient


Your boyfriend loses his temper whenever he tries to explain you something. And sometimes, he deliberately tries to explain it in a way which is too complicated to understand just to make you feel small.

Just don’t have time for you


You are making plans several weeks in advance and he just keeps cancelling it by any means all the time. But, if he makes a last minute plan and expects you to participate in it with full potential and be there for him.


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