10 reasons that you should never lie to your partner



10 reasons that you should never lie to your partner

You should never lie to your partner no matter what the state of your relationship is. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Nobody’s relationship is perfect. These days, it’s hard to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner as there are so many factors at play trying to get two people together in an arrangement. Being in a relationship means being honest with each other. It’s a two-way path. But relationships are built on the foundation of trust. A false trust always collapses. A close relationship requires sacrifice. Lying to your partner can have a negative effect on you as well. To make your relationship grow stronger, telling the truth is the best way despite the fact that it may hurt. These are the ten things you should never lie about.

What are your ideal relationship goals?


Your say in a relationship is as important as your partner’s. But sometimes people have a hard time communicating with their partners because they think it will make them sound demanding. Figuring out your needs is a lucrative process if you seek to have a fulfilling and long lasting relationship. If you are into a relationship that focuses on love and family than just friendship and partying, you must speak up. Lying will just grow bitterness and anger in you.

The type of company you keep


If you are in serious relationship, your partner must know all about your family and friends. It’s our peer group that influences us, shapes our personality even more than our parents. It doesn’t matter whether your partner will like them or not, these people are your people and your partner must know that.

Your personal well-being


If you are ill, suffering from depression, have some issues regarding money and more, then it’s worth being honest to tell your partner as they have the right to know all about you. They are your support system and they will do anything for you. So it is important to let them know about the stuff you are going through.

If you need any help


You should always be honest with your partner about your need for help. It can be anything like your work, financially or with the kids. There must not be any communication gap in between you and your partner. If you need any help, you should let your partner know about it no matter what the outcome arises.

Your likes and dislikes


Never lie to your partner simply because you want to impress them. This isn’t a way to stimulate with your partner. You can impress your partner by sticking to your beliefs while keeping an open mind about theirs.

You love them but you don’t


If your partner says ‘I love you’ to you before you are ready, don’t lie to them because you feel guilty. It will be a difficult situation for you. It will all depend on how you will react to your partner. What if you never end up loving your partner and he/she finds out that you lied, that is going to hurt so much and may lead to breaking up the relationship. Thus deal with these situations ideally. If you don’t love your partner, or you need some space before committing, then you must tell them that you are not ready up to this mark.

If you are still on talking terms with your ex


You should never lie to your partner about your ex. There is no need to tell your partner that you bumped into your ex. But if you maintain a good friendship with your ex and your friend circle is same, then there is no harm in telling your partner that you are in contact with your ex. If you lie and your partner finds out, it will have a negative impact towards your relationship.

What are your dreams and how you want to live it


If you are keen on achieving a successful career, making money, a lavish home but your partner wants to settle down and start a family, lying about this will never make any sense to you and your partner. Make sure to clear everything before entering a relationship.

If you cheat on your partner


You should never lie to your partner if you are about to make a decision on cheating your him/her, you must tell them that you are considering to end this relationship. If you don’t tell your partner and he/she eventually finds out, it’s a plain betrayal, and you might regret your actions. But can’t live like nothing happened, you should show some respect to your partner and let him/her know what you did. And it is embarrassing when you are caught red-handed.

If you have children


When you lie, the news will travel around the house and your children may hear you and your partner discussing it. It will affect your child’s growth as well. You don’t want your child to grow up being a liar. Your children see you as a role model, teach them how bad is lying by setting good examples for them.


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