10 things Indian woman want the world to know


10 things Indian woman want the world to know

An Indian woman is a combination of the tradition, culture, moral values and principles. But as per 21st century, a woman wants to explore more about the personality. Indian women always love to be in a romantic relationship where she can get the feeling of getting cherished by her beloved man. A brave man is an underlying dream of every girl/woman. Indian women always search for some options where she can save her relationship as she knows the pride of being together. Women can tolerate infinite traumatism, and they possess a great mutual understanding with the dear ones. Here we will discuss some things which every woman want this world to know about their fantasies.

Enormous care:


They always want you to listen to their saying it shows that you care about their opinions and views.

Show some classiness:

A woman expects some class in the men when they come in contact with the people. Passing comments on girls when they walk on the street is out of the box. No one is allowed to do such inappropriate activity.

The concept of PSM:

Every woman wants their man to understand that their bad or unusual moods occur when they are going through the PSM. They want full support to form their man during this time.

Negligible labeling:

Genuine women will always wish that there should never generate a need for the labeling of the person. We can never judge a person based on his/her appearance, behavior, skills or thoughts. Women always look for some positive things out of every person.

Give respect and take respect:

In today’s world women are so independent and free that they always believe in one strategy that if you give respect to someone only then, you can get respect. Gone are those days where a woman always assumed to be a shadow of a man, but now people will only respect you if you show some courtesy to honor the person.

Helping nature:

An Indian woman wants some freedom from the workload of the house. Housewife doesn’t mean that she is born for this regular housekeeping. Their husband should help them in all the circumstances. There can occur many situations in which you need help, and the job can be done in a very easy way with complete moral support.


Now the trend has changed a lot. Let it be your boyfriend or friend or husband you can pay the bill as it shows some legacy which is needed ion every relationship. A relation can be sustained if and only there is a proper balance of the people thoughts. They want to tell all the men that they are self-dependent and don’t live on the pie of their husband’s salary. Women are equal to men.

Ultimate understanding:


They want the society to understand the things which are related to a women’s life. The woman is not an asset for the stalking purpose, but they are the creator of the family. If a man works for a family, then women run the family. A woman wants her man to understand the secret codes they admire in front of the person.



It is said that women always take more time than men to get ready. This is so because women believe in the right proportion. They get ready and well groomed for themselves so that they look beautiful and adorable. Women know the perfect match for everything they wear and for all this stuff it may take time as miracles happen when you put some efforts.



They always love to get appreciated for their activities or wearing. All they need is only love. If you say three magical words for 2-3 times in a day, they will praise you like anything.

These are the beautiful things women want the world to be aware of.


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