How to choose a jewel? The essential criteria

A jewel for you or to make a gift? The second situation is often more embarrassing because it is complex to choose a jewel for someone else. We give you some tips before letting yourself be tempted by a necklace or a bracelet bought on an online jeweler!

Choosing the right jewelry online

Jewelry first, checks that there is a customer service or the possibility to repair or modify your jewel. It would be a shame not to be able to appeal to jewelry professionals who will accompany you with their advice and can help you take care of your jewel.

To choose a jewelry online we advise you to read reviews of customers who have already purchased on the site, you will find suddenly people who want to offer a service and jewelry quality. Among the top-rated sites is, for example, Midwest Jewellery , whether you are looking for earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants, you will find all types of jewelry on this site.

Give a jewel to a loved one

The gift will be sure to please if you select the right jewel!

Take into account the morphology

It is very important to choose a jewel depending on the morphology of the person. Try to visualize the jewel in combination with the shape of the face or ears:

The round or rectangular shapes are fine Creole (earrings).

The dangling earrings tend to lengthen the face. It is therefore advisable not to choose this type of jewelry if the face is already very long.

Thin women wear great jewelry very well whereas strong people should rather avoid jewelry too big.

The round faces agree with collars V while square faces are rather rounded collars.

Regarding the rings, the elongated and thin fingers can wear all types of rings. The little fingers will be sublimated by fine rings.

To choose a bracelet, opt for about 18 cm for women and 20 cm for men.

Diamond set your budget

This one will help you to make your choice between a fancy jewel or a jewel in jewelery . Some simple jewelry quality is not at all expensive. No need to break the piggy bank to offer a river of diamonds to please. The person will be just as conquered by a refined jewelry at moderate price rather than an incredible adornment that it will not be able to wear. In some jewelers, you will also have the opportunity to spread the payments with the facilities offered by the company.

For which occasion?

We will not offer a ring to a friend! It is important to understand the messages that the jewels that are offered! The jewel is an object that exudes a strong emotion and varied messages. Rings, rings or rings are rather reserved for a strong love or an important relationship. We can of course offer a ring to a girl or a teenager but the engagement rings and wedding rings are of course reserved for a couple who loves and who shows it !

The jewel is also the perfect gift to mark an important event such as a medal engraved during a baptism or bracelet offered for the success of an exam. With the pendants, you have the opportunity to highlight the passion of the person. There are pendants in the shape of a horse, a tennis racket or a motorcycle!

The behavior of the person

Try to observe what she wears as a jewel and the outfits she likes to choose a jewel that can be easily married with various styles. Is the person rather discreet or extravagant? It may be disturbed if you offer him a very original jewel while he is a fairly classic person and appreciates simplicity. Also consider the hairstyles she likes. The earrings could be hidden by a hair covering them.

We must also think about his daily activity. Some people cannot wear pendants because of the risk of a professional activity or sport. In this case, choose earrings chips or a jewel that will be easy to remove if necessary.

The length of a chain

To select a chain to stand alone or to associate with a pendant, here are some indications:

  • The choker is approximately 35 cm.
  • A collar near the neck is between 40 and 42 cm.

For a longer necklace close to the bust, a 45 cm chain is selected for women and about 50 cm for men.

The jumpers measure more than 60 cm and are intended to go down quite low. They can have several rows of chains.

The choice of metal

We must not neglect the choice of precious metal. Some people do not like the golden aspect of gold. Then choose a white gold, a pink gold or silver jewelry. Regarding the pendants or the stones, it is also important to take into consideration the preferences of the person who will rather appreciate a pink or blue stone rather than a violet stone. Ask about the colors that the person likes or observe the decoration of their home or their clothing.

The stone can be set with claws. She will then let the light through and play on the reflections. More modern, the closed seam technique encircles the metal stone.

If you have difficulties to choose, do not hesitate to make a request to jewelry experts who can advise you to select the right jewel! And also find out if it is possible to exchange the jewel or to be reimbursed if the person prefers another model of jewelry.




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