10 Crazy Reasons of People’s unusual Deaths

Crazy Reasons of People’s Death

Crazy Reasons of People’s Death

Death will come to everyone. It is an inevitable part of life, and has been happening since the dawn of humanity. But hope that you die peacefully and would not want to suffer these types of unusual deaths.

1. Death by Long Beard

Death by Long Beard

World’s longest beard comes with a great responsibility. Hans Steininger, of Austria had the world’s longest beard (4 feet and 7 inches long), which was the sole cause of his death. In 1567, fire broke down in Hans’s town and the whole town was in a ruckus. Due to the fire, and because of the haste, Hans forgot to roll up his beard and accidentally stepped on his beard. He lost his balance and stumbled upon. His neck broke and he died.

2. Death by Delicious Desserts

Adolf Frederick, the King of Sweden, ate himself to death in 1771 after having a meal consisting of lobster, caviar, sauerkraut, cabbage soup, smoked herring, champagne, and 14 servings of his favourite dessert, Selma (bread dipped in bowl of hot milk).The King suffered fatal digestion problems and is still know by the Swedish Children as “The King who ate himself to death.”

3. Death by Embracing the Moon

The Starry- eyed- Chinese poet Li Po in his desperation to embrace his newfound lover, in his boat on the Yangtze River. Li Po tried to kiss the reflection of the moon in water, when he fell into the river and drowned. He was well known for creating his famous poetry intoxicated. It is to be believed that that evening also the liquor may have played a factor in his demise.

4. Death by Biting his Tongue

Allan Pinkerton, the founder of the famous Pinkerton National Detective Agency, died in Chicago 1884 after he slipped on the pavement and severely bit his tongue. Due to the painful bite, his tongue became infected with gangrene, which resulted in his death.

5. Death by Nuptial Photoshoot

Bride, Maria Pantazopoulos fell to her death last August of 2012 in the Ouareau River, about 75 kilometres north of Montreal. She was standing in about 15 to 30 centimetres of water for her nuptial photoshoot, while her photographer was taking her pictures. Suddenly, her dress got heavy from soaking up water and the woman asked for help to get out from the river. The photographer and his assistant were not able to lift her out and within no time the woman was swept away by harsh currents and drowned.

6. Death by his Own Creation

Jimi Heselden, owner of the Segway Motorized Scooter Company, died in 2010 when he accidentally drove his Segway off a cliff. He suffered a lot of injuries and apparently sustained falling from the cliff.

7. Death by Strained Bladder

Tycho Brahe, a Danish nobleman, was known for his comprehensive astronomical research. It is reported that he wrote his own epitaph stating “He lived like a sage and died like a fool.” Tycho died on 24th October, 1601 from bladder complications after attending a banquet where he refused to use the restroom knowing that it was impolite to leave before the meal was done. After the banquet Tycho no longer was able to urinate, and ten days later he died.

8. Death by Soup

Ilda Vitor Maciel of Rio de Janerio died in September of 2012 due to accidentally being injected with soup. A nursing technician mistakenly injected soup into the woman’s IV in her right arm instead of her feeding tube. Maciel died just 12 hours after receiving the injection.

9. Death by Proving himself Right

Gary Hoy, 38 years old, in an attempt to prove himself right to a group of visitors that the glass of the Toronto- Dominion Centre was ‘unbreakable’, threw himself against a window. He fell to his death from the 24th floor, when the window popped out of the frame. In his defence, the glass did not break.

10. Death by Fatal Foreplay

Nigerian businessman and polygamist, Uroko Onoja died after being forced by five of his six wives to have sex with each of them. Onoja was caught having sex with his youngest wife by the remaining five ‘jealous’ wives, who thought he was paying her more attention. They demanded that he also have sex with each one of them, threatening him with knives and sticks. He had intercourse with four of them in succession, but stopped breathing before having sex with the fifth.

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