10 things foreigners need to get right about India


10 things foreigners need to get right about India

69 years have been passed since India got independence from the British rule and still there’s a long way to go till it is fully developed. Foreign media has showcased it as a third world country, spreading lots of negativeness. India is not a land of snake charmers and elephant riders. And if someone always looks at the dark side, how will he/she be able to know what the bright side has got for them. India is a beautiful country, under development. Here are 10 things foreigners need to get right about India.

1. In India, everything is not filthy


I agree that there are some cities that really need to be cleaned up and we might be ignoring them. But, cities like Mysore and places in Chandigarh comes under the cleanest cities of the country, and one need to see them believe. Forget the surroundings and the roads; the houses India, even of the poorest one are the cleanest to their best abilities.

2. Indian people do not travel on Elephants and horses


Elephants are a very sacred animal in of our country, and yes, we do not commute on them and don’t see them randomly roaming the streets. We have vehicles for that. But yes, some of us keep them as pets and use them for our weddings as tradition.

3. Most of the Indians are not illiterate


Believe it or not, almost 70 percent of the Indian population is educated where the male literacy rate is 85 percent, and female literacy rate is 66 percent. Alone, Kerala stands tall with a 95 percent literacy rate. India has produced a great talent of scholars, engineers, doctors and other enthusiasts over the time. We still have a few mountains to climb, but do not frame us under the category of illiterates.

4. Indians are not poor


If you have seen Shashi Tharoor’s speech at the Oxford Union on the topic “does Britain owe reparations”, you will be shocked to see that our country was not always a poor. We were looted by the Britishers. Still, then we have managed to overcome all these problems, but we don’t deny that poverty is a very real concern in our country which needs to be dealt with. Wealth X report predicts that by 2018, India will have 4.37 lakh millionaires and India ranks 5th regarding countries with most billionaires; which is 84. And Ambanis, Birlas and Tatas are the living examples of that.

5. Indian is not a language


With 29 states and 7 union territories, the language goes 700 plus in numbers. But in that list, Indian as a language never comes. Our each region has different slangs and languages, and we as a country possesses 23 national languages. And out of those 700 plus languages, about 122 are mostly used. People who say or are told that Hindi is the national language of India, they have been taught wrong. There are parts in this country where people don’t speak and understand Hindi.

6. India is not all about curry based food


Obviously, we love our curries. But if this is what they are thinking, they are really missing some of the mouthwatering, lip-smacking amazing food this country has to offer. With 29 states and 7 union territories come the delicacies of those regions. And not only one, but thousands and they are not all curries. The food in the east and west is different; the food in the north and south is different. We don’t possess a burger or a pizza which goes through makeovers to taste different.

7. All those food is not HOT


This is a misconception. We do love our curries that can be super hot, but at the same time we also have the same number of different foods, some of them sour, some of them sweet that will sooth you.Here are some Mouth Watering Indian Dishes you must try.

8. Arranged marriages are not forced


It is hard to accept for any foreigner of not dating the person before getting married, and some think that people are forced into it. There are such cases, and we don’t deny it. But if you look at facts, not-so-happily-ever-after, yet India has a low divorce rate. Marriage in India is considered a very sacred ceremony, and arrange marriages proceeds only after both the bride and groom agree to it. Here are some awesome destinations for bachelor party in India that your best friend will absolutely love

9. India is not a land of snake charmers


Gone are those days when we were considered as a third world country with snake charmers and black magic. Let’s talk about power! We emerges 4th as world’s most powerful militaries and is expected to pursue a modernization drive. India spent about $47 billion on its budget and is already the world’s largest importer of military goods. And talking about the brain, India is set to produce world’s largest number of engineers and doctors.

10. India is not a terribly hot and humid country


It possesses all kinds of climates in its pocket from hot, cold, spring, autumn and rain. Different regions of this country have different climatic conditions and are unique. If we talk about Rajasthan itself, it is a place known as the desert state, but at the same time, you can see snowfall also in Mt Abu. Here are few destinations in India you should visit before going abroad


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