10 hot places for bachelor party in India


10 hot places for bachelor party in India

Marriage is a divine bond between a man and a woman. This cord not only connects two people for a whole lifetime but also their families. In Indian mythology, marriage has been described as a sacred ritual which transforms a person. It is a new beginning for two human beings, to leave behind one life and step into another.  But the preparations for a wedding are full of hassles. Not only for the two families tying the knot but also for all the close friends and relatives. Just before the wedding the tension and stress can easily be seen. In such a case all the bride and the groom needs is a get-away from this stress. It’s in times of such desperation that friends come into play. So the dear best man and maid of honour… Tired of the hectic planning of your wedding? Has it been too much for you that your friends keep fretting about their last minute wedding scandals? Be a lifesaver for your bestie as always and throw them the most awesome bachelor party of all time and best of all you can throw an awesome bachelor party in India only.

Here are some awesome destinations for bachelor party in India that your best friend will absolutely love

Leh fantasise Ladakh


The bucket list wish that was never realised by you and your friends. This is one last time for you to visit Leh and Ladakh. Rule the snowy white hills of Ladakh with your whole gang before you get hitched as this might strangle any chances left out for you to do this again. One last time measure the heights of these snowy highlands like a fleet of carefree birds and enjoy the bachelorhood. Assimilate the beautiful sun shying away in the mountains, do yoga or meditate, or party hard with the booze and music. Just let the child in you revel in the feathery ridges.

Adventuresome Himachal


Love the adrenaline rush? Try out the courageous activities Himachal has to offer. Be it battling with the water, trekking the hills, angling or paragliding. Taste the thunder one last time before getting hitched. Bling in the Billing Valley, go paragliding. Or Bunge jump in Solang valley. Rule the mountains one last time unbridled before getting tamed.

Go solo in Solang


If you a big fan of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, then go and try out what Solang has to offer you. Trek in the snow, or bungee jump from the zenith, imbibe the beautiful valley. Ride on the ponies or have a fur of yak. Solang has a lot to give you to remember. The last unchained trip of your bachelorhood. Taste the cold breeze of freedom and leave behind all the stress of marriage. Transform yourself in this beautiful valley, prepare yourself for a new beginning in your book of life.

Good looking Goa


Every bachelor’s planned but unexecuted trip to Goa. Give your friend a surprise and take him to Goa. Let him enjoy the booze in the cool breeze of beaches. Party hard in the sunburn concerts and lose your minds. Shout at the top of your voices until your lungs burst out of exhaustion. We all know your mischievous little plans for Goa and we needn’t add more.

Trail of Tawang


Arunachal Pradesh has been undermined for quite a long period now. If you like to explore and be among one of the first to touch this place, try out the ethereal beauty of Tawang. If you are a fan of monk culture and eager to find out more, then do visit this place. Tawang Monastery, Sela Pass, War Memorial are a few of its attractions. A place full of scenic beauty provides you with a perfect ambience to bring about the transmutation and purify your soul among the dewy lakes.

Aapno Rajasthan


A big fan of the cultural and historical places? Then Rajasthan is the best place to spend before you begin a new chapter of life. The kingly forts and the stories unravelling in them will help you gain a new perspective towards marriage. Colour yourself pink with the pink city and then go all wet in the lake city. Rajasthan not only proposes the cultural and historic heritage but also all the adventurous sports to race up your heart beat. Go safari riding on the sand dunes of Jaisalmer or ride on the camel for a change. Be mesmerised by the architecture, adventure and the beauty of this state and delve into the unrealistic history hidden behind the closed doors of the castles.

Diverse Lakshadeep


If you love water, and want to lose yourself in the deep oceans. Then you must hire a boat, load it with a couple of beers and pace ahead into the Arabian Sea to reach the mesmerising Lakshwadeep islands. Drop all your worries at the coast and feel the weightlessness in the deep waters while scuba diving or float on the water kayaking. Discover the flora and fauna of the Arabian sea and find out the symbiotic relationship between one living being on another. So you may apply it in your after marriage life.

Indian France


Much fan of French stuff? The French bread, French kiss or French chick? Then checkout the small France residing in India. Go to Pondicherry and experience the French culture, the pristine beaches. Go around cycling the peaceful Auroville if the crowded clubs isn’t one of your things.

Camp in Kasol


Some of you might be a bit old school and would probably want to go out camping and blow out some smoke. Chill out with a couple of beers in hand and barbeque the finest meat. Kasol is a perfect place to do the things your way.

Lion’s Den


Every lion has its den where he is most comfortable and feels his-self the most. If you are really out of time or short of money or just not in a mood to pack a lot, then enjoy your bachelor’s party at your home. Invite your friends, grab a drink and lose your mind with the little (lady) surprise your friends have for you. Bring in some food cards and enjoy your man-cave.



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