What to Consider While Riding E-Scooter Uphill?

E-scooters have become commonplace in many cities around the world. More than half of daily trips cover less than five miles and a majority of people use their cars for them. But over the years, e-scooters have emerged as an effective alternative to completing the regular commute. In fact, with electric scooter, you will end up saving a substantial amount of money that would otherwise be used in  form of gas money.  Electric scooters  come with a lot of features and functionality to cater to different needs. But there is one question that has been asked by many potential buyers. 


Does an electric scooter go uphill? 


People who live in hilly regions especially stress on this question while looking for an e-scooter. Vehicles have a tough time climbing on elevated surface and e-scooters are no different.  But to answer the question- Yes; they are capable of going uphill. Whether or not the electric scooter can handle sharp incline depends on different factors. And in this article, we are helping you understand these caveats better.

Factors That Affect the Performance of E-Scooters on Hills

Below are the prominent factors that impact the performance of e-scooters on the hills – 

The Angle of the Climb


The steeper the hill, the more challenging it will be for the scooter to climb and get to the other side. So, the climb angle is the first factor determining how successful an e-scooter will be in moving against the slope. A basic electric scooter will have a difficult time handling steep that goes over 18 degrees. Investing in a more premium and robust model would be ideal for climbing a more elevated terrain.


Weight Bearing Capacity


Two riders with different weights can ride the exact e-scooter across the hill and have entirely different experiences. The weight put on the scooter impacts the power range it can generate. The motor works more efficiently when less pressure is applied. Therefore, before you purchase the electric scooter, check the maximum weight capacity. Additionally, heavier scooters generally provide a higher weight capacity.


Tires Strength


Tires are components that have direct contact with the road and help in moving the scooter forwards. E-scooter tires that are adequate in size and offer a strong grip are important while climbing uphill.


Small tires will make it highly challenging for you to climb up. Additionally, you should also consider the materials used in making the tires. Look for tires made from strong materials and are capable of bearing the extra pressure while traveling through a hilly lane.


Battery and Motor Potentials


The electric scooter should be boasted with a robust battery, which can store a high quantity of power. Moving through a hilly region is naturally going to require more power.


And the battery, as well as motor, directly impacts the performance offered by the scooter. If you often travel through hilly terrains, then it is imperative that you buy a scooter with a powerful battery and motor. Choose a durable battery and motor that is capable of providing torque up to 250 watts or above.


Suspension or No-Suspension?


Not every electric scooter comes with suspension. But it is an important factor to consider in an e-scooter if you constantly travel through hilly areas.


When you are climbing up, your body is going to exert more pressure on the back wheels of the scooter in order to get the right balance. Suspension makes sure that the weight applied on the back is not borne entirely by the wheels, thereby providing you better performance. Additionally, a rear suspension can make it more comfortable to climb up the hill.


Safety Tips to Climbing the Hill on Your E-Scooter


Once you have taken care of all the above factors, the next important thing to consider is how you ride the scooter uphill. Riding up the hill comes with certain risks; therefore, knowing how to ride properly becomes even more important. Below, we are sharing some safety tips that you should consider before riding your electric scooter:



  • Make sure to carry standard safety gear riding the scooter. Wearing a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads will protect you from potential injuries.


  • Before you ride your e-scooter, inspect it properly. Check for any wear and tear. Ensure all the components such as throttle, brake, wheels, handlebar, etc. are working properly.


  • Do not park your e-scooter in a place where the battery is directly exposed to moisture, light, or high-temperature. Since the battery is an important part that impacts the power, ensure to give it special care.


  • Do not ride your electric scooter uphill during snow or rain. The hills tend to get even sloppier, making it more challenging for you to climb.


  • Ensure to stick to the side lane and be aware of the vehicle passing by. When taking turns, slow down the speed and use brakes.

Best Electric Scooters to Ride Uphill


If you have decided to invest in an uphill electric scooter, below are the best available options in the market –


Razor e300 Electric Scooter


Razor is one of the leading names in the electric scooter market. The 300 electric scooter is the perfect choice for making short trips uphill. The scooter is designed with vibrant colors, making it ideal for teenagers. However, the company promotes the products for both teens and adults. The e-scooter comes with a 250-watt high-torque and single-speed motor.


Moreover, it runs on two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries, providing powerful performance for a longer period. Additionally, Razor e300 offers a maximum speed of up to 15 MPH and comes with pneumatic tires. The latter allows a stronger grip and better shock absorption.


Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Scooter


It is another well-designed premium quality electric scooter that is perfect for hilly terrains. It runs on the upgraded dual battery and offers the power of 800 watts, thereby ensuring powerful performance and optimum speed.


The scooter extends a maximum speed of 18.6 MPH. The Ninebot ES4 is designed to offer optimum user-friendliness. It sports a one-touch folding system, enabling instant collapsing for better storage. You will also find a mesh patterned deck that offers slipping resistant and stronger grip.


The front-wheel measures at 8-inch, and the rear wheel is measured at 7.5 inches. The wheels are also equipped with shock absorbers to provide a more comfortable riding experience.


Raine One

This product designed in Australia is specifically made to make the uphill commute easier and more comfortable. It can move easily up an incline of 15-degree. With a weight of 12 kgs or 26 lbs, it is an extremely lightweight product. It is designed using aluminum and carbon fiber frames, providing a strong build.


When it comes to the speed, Rain One can travel a maximum of 21 mph or 50 km/h. Since you need more power to move on an elevated path, the performance provided by this electric scooter becomes highly useful. It also comes with tons of safety features such as front disc brake, ABS braking, a fender stop, etc.


Qiewa Qmini

This is a highly comfortable scooter to ride and is boasted with all the right features. Qiewa Qmini comes with headlights, a horn, and dual shock absorbers on both front and rear. One of the key features of this electric scooter is its high-quality rubber tires that provide a more comfortable off-road ride.


The scooter features a drum brake, which also offers quality performance. It operates on a 500-watt brushless motor accompanied by a 16 Ah battery. The Qiewa Qmini can offer a maximum speed of up to 30 mph and cover up to 37 miles. With a weight of 50 lbs, the e-scooter is notably lightweight.


Dualtron Thunder

This e-scooter has a solid and heavy built and designed to offer a comfortable uphill riding experience. It packs a huge LG’s lithium-ion cell offering a 2060-watt-hour battery pack and covers 75 miles. The Dualtron Thunder comes with dual Nutt-branded hydraulically-devised brakes that provide maximum output while applying minimal efforts.


The e-scooter also has massive ventilated 160mm brakes compilers, allowing riders to enjoy sustained braking while maintaining the performance. Moreover, it is also boasted with electronic ABS. The 11-inch pneumatic tires, along with rubber cartridge suspension, offer excellent ride quality. The latter can be adjusted by adding softer or stiffer cartridges.


Final Thoughts


Electric scooters have come a long way, and their popularity continues to grow across the globe. This has made manufacturers include advanced features and expand their usability.


When taking an electric scooter uphill, you need to remember that there will be more effort. However, investing in the right e-scooter for uphill will ensure that you have to put less efforts. There are many powerful electric scooters boasted with the right features specially designed to offer a robust and comfortable riding experience while moving uphill.


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