Does E-scooter Offer Adequate Range for Daily Commute?

The use of e-scooters has been on the rise and for all the right reasons. Along with being a cheaper option to move around the city, e-scooters are also an excellent investment for reducing the carbon footprint. In 2019, the market of e-scooter valued at $18.6 billion and the value is expected to reach $20 billion by the end of 2020.

E-scooters have increased the awareness of micro mobility. However, one of the main concerns people have regarding e-scooters is the power range they offer. They want to know how long they can travel before the battery runs out. While earlier e-bikes suffered in this regard, manufacturers today have significantly improved power range. The newer models are integrated with powerful components to offer better range. In this article, we break down different factors that impact the power range of your e-scooter and how you can improve it.

What is the power range you get in an e-scooter?

Based on the model, electric scooters can offer around 35 to 40 miles without charging. Now let’s understand the components that impact this range

Factors that Influence the Range of an Electric Scooter

Below, we lay out some of the imperative factors that determine how long an electric scooter can go without charging –

Power Train

The power train is the core mechanism that generates power and offers it to the wheels. The vital function makes it one of the most critical factors that determine the range. The power train includes a controller, battery, and engine. And all three aspects together work to offer range in an electric scooter.


The engine or electric motor is the part that converts the electric energy present in the battery into mechanical energy, which is used to run the wheel. Typically, e-scooters come with an electric motor on one wheel, as it is sufficient to propel the rider forward with adequate speed.

Moreover, the electric engine is positioned directly on the wheel and encased into a metal box to protect it from water and dust. Power rating is the most important facet to consider in an electric motor. If the value is low, it signifies the high-energy efficiency of the motor.


The battery is probably the most important factor that influences the power range directly. Lithium-ion is the best performing battery present in electric scooters. They are powerful as well as lightweight, but they are also the most expensive option. Choosing high-performing batteries becomes imperative to get a longer power range in an electric scooter.


The controller within an engine is an internal circuit, as well as software. It assesses different parameters that include temperature, battery level, acceleration position, power consumption, etc. It can limit the power sent to the motor, thereby impacting the speed output.


You can control the speed of your electric scooter. So if you are riding at a slower pace, you can increase battery life. Some electric scooters come with cruise control or eco mode that enables you to ride your scooter at a reduced speed to get a more extended power range. Modern e-scooters provide an average speed of 12 miles per hour. But if you ride at top speed, you will get 20% to 30% less power range.


While temperature is not directly related to the range, it can impact the battery. In the winter, it is difficult to start a car because the battery has a low voltage and gets cold.

Similar is the case with electric scooters. The power range of these vehicles drops to half of its capacity. This is because the battery gets cold and the chemical reaction slows down. Thus, it needs to work harder to provide sufficient energy.


If you are riding your e-scooter on rough terrains, it can impact the power range up to 60%. You will need more power to push yourself forward on an elevated and bumpy surface. Riding on a smooth surface will extend the battery life, as there are fewer hurdles on your way.


Tires offer necessary traction to accelerate or apply brakes in case of an emergency.

They directly connect to the road and significantly influence the quality, range, braking performance, and speed of the electric scooter.

Pneumatic tires are better performing in comparison to airless tires. Experts recommend them because they offer a better quality ride, making them a more viable option for adverse road conditions.


High-performance electric scooters come with coil-over-hydraulic suspension. It is an element that adds to the quality of the ride and reduces the impact of bumps on the road.

Electric scooters feature either one of the three types of suspension types – hydraulic or air piston, spring, or rubber suspension. Some scooters come with both piston and spring for higher performance.
Weight of the Rider

The power range of the electric scooters is measured at 165 lbs per individual. If a rider weighs more than that, he or she will have to work harder to push forward. The heavier the rider is, the shorter will be the range.

Condition of E-Scooter

Investing in an electric scooter with a high-quality battery will provide better and long-lasting performance. Moreover, an inefficient motor with malfunctions will consume too much energy and significantly reduce the power range. Low tire pressure, chain lubrication, and worn-out brakes increase the electric scooter’s energy consumption.

Tips to Improve the Power Range of the Electric Scooter

When you know why your scooter lacks range, you can make the necessary changes to acquire the desired results. Below, we share some useful tips that will help you gain a higher power range of your electric scooter –

#Replace the Battery

Considering that battery is an essential component that affects the power range, this is where you should be looking first. Choose a battery, which offers higher-performance and increased energy efficiency. They may be more expensive but will offer higher cost-efficiency in the long run.

#Accurate Tire Pressure

If your electric scooter features air-tires, check the tire pressure, and ensure it is up to the level mentioned in the user manual. Soft tires generate higher friction on the road, thereby reducing the power range.

#Change the Bearings

If you own an old electric scooter and the wheels are not moving freely. In this case, consider replacing the bearings. It will reduce friction and provide electric scooters with enhanced power.

#Replace the Controller

Invest in a controller featuring a higher threshold to boost the power output of your e-scooter. Once you replace the controller, you will notice a significant difference in the power output.

#Avoid Putting Weight on Scooter

The more weight you put, the shorter the power range you will get. Avoid putting extra weight while riding the e-scooter, and you will see a significant difference.


When your electric scooter brakes are misaligned or too tight, they may rub against each other. Inefficient brakes force the electric motor to work harder to curb the resistance. While the issue may be minimal, it can considerably impact the power range you get. Make sure you check the brakes once every few months, especially if you travel off-road a lot.

#Include an Additional Battery

You can also consider adding a second battery to your electric scooter. By connecting the two batteries with a switch, you can easily choose which battery to use at a given time.

You can also connect both the batteries in parallel. It will not change the voltage, but the underlying system will be more powerful. But make sure both the batteries are of the same voltage.

#Daily Maintenance

There are some things that you can do to increase the power range. For starters, do not forget to turn off your scooter once you get-off.

Additionally, when riding an electric scooter, try not to accelerate too hard. Even if you are speeding up, do it slowly. Steadily increasing the speed of the scooter will provide you better range.

Get the Desired Range the Right Way

The market of electric scooters is expanding at an exponential rate. Earlier, the average range of e-scooter used to be around 10-12 miles. But today, these scooters offer more than 30 miles.

Always select the e-scooter with a higher power range than the distance you want to travel. This way, you can avoid running out of battery before reaching the destination.


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