Worried About Riding on an e-scooter? Here’s a “Guide To Ride” For Your Help

When you hear about an electric scooter, the first thing that flashes in your mind would be how to ride it. There’s no rocket science involved in controlling and maneuvering an e-scooter. They are fun and super easy to ride on. And with some little practice, you can totally get the hang of using it.

These eco-friendly and battery-operated scooters have become a prominent mode of transportation.

 If you have decided to buy an electric scooter, don’t let the worry of riding affect your purchase decision. This blog will help you understand how amazingly easy it is to go on a little adventure on your brand new e-scooter.

Best Things About Your Electric Scooters

Before moving ahead with the details regarding how to ride an e-scooter with ease, it is crucial to ascertain you are making the right choice.

 You can consider electronic scooters as the tech version of your old school scooters. Revamped with features and a battery-operated system, these e-scooters are the next best thing you want in your garage. They are a perfect combination of traveling by bike, car, and foot. Those who prefer to contribute to the environment and reduce their carbon footprints should look forward to buying an e-scooter. 

Let’s see what the perks of buying an electric scooter are:

Varied Options

You don’t have to limit yourself; e-scooters have a wide range of options. These scooters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types that depends on their purpose.

Totally Eco Friendly

You will not be harming the environment by any means, as all the e-scooters operate on batteries that reduced the carbon emission.

Super Easy To Ride

The main reason you came to this blog was to understand whether it is easy to ride an electric scooter. Well, the e-scooter will make everything seem like a cakewalk.

Saves Your Precious Time

The last thing you would worry about is the traffic when you have an e-scooter. 

That’s quite a lot to make a well-informed decision regarding e-scooter. Do your research and find the best electric scooter that can rightly align with your needs.

Ride on Your Electric Scooter With Ease

One important thing that you need to remember always is that treat it like your bicycle. Do not think it as a tech vehicle; it can make your learning process a bit tricky. You just need to get used to it, after which you can ride it like a pro.

If you are a beginner or lost the touch of riding bicycles, you need to look for a safer place to practice before getting on the roads. Make sure the practice area is large, with little to no traffic. Once you are confident enough with your riding skills, you can ride your e-scooter amidst the traffic.


Basic Steps To Ride An E-scooter

Learning things in little steps make it seem easier and convenient. If you are a beginner, following these basic steps to learn how to ride an e-scooter will make things easier.


Prepare The Scooter For Ride

Before starting, you need to open up the scooter. Just flip the latch on the steering column at the base. It will unlock your e-scooter in a raised and upright position.

Powering Up

Now, it’s time to power up the scooter by pressing the switch. If you have an LED indicator, make sure to check the battery status before moving ahead.

Locate The Handbrakes

A majority of electric scooters have handbrakes on the handlebars. You need to understand that handbrakes on electric scooters are quite sensitive, so go easy on them until you get them.

Throttle To Pump-Up

You need to increase and reduce the power time-to-time for riding with ease on the roads. To start, just hit the throttle and off you go.

Hand and Foot Brakes

Brakes are essential while riding an e-scooter. Make use of the foot and hand brakes whenever needed. Don’t forget to power off your scooter once you reach the destination, as unnecessary power usage will consume your battery.

Fold It Up

After the use, just fold up your scooter and lock it with the latch. You can simply put it in the back of your car.


What Do You Need To Remember While Riding on an e-scooter?

Learning how to ride your electric scooter is just not enough. There are plenty of things that you need to consider before taking your e-scooter out for a ride.

#1 Safety Above Everything

No matter how shorter your distance is, you always need to prioritize safety – both yours and the people on the street. Wear a helmet whenever you are going out with your e-scooter. It is recommended to wear a full-coverage helmet that can provide you with comprehensive protection. You need to remain fully protected while riding to safeguard yourself from mishaps.

#2 Protective Clothing is a Must

Apart from the helmet, you need to think about protective clothing as well. It is imperative to understand that you cannot wear your regular clothes while riding an e-scooter as it can get uncomfortable. Your protective clothes must protect your legs, arms, and fists, etc. Make sure to buy knee and elbow pads if you have just begun to ride scooters, as they will reduce the severity of uncertain falls. 

#3 Ensure The charging Before You Ride

One of the vital things you cannot ignore before riding is the battery level. Make sure it’s fully charged before you roll it on the roads. Read the user’s manual to understand the charging frequency and time to charge. Some e-scooter models just need two-three hours to get a full charge, whereas, some models require overnight charging.

#4 Check Your Brakes Always

It is one of the basic things you need to do before hitting the roads. Brakes are an essential part of your e-scooter; make sure to check both hand and foot brakes. You need to become familiar with the braking system before riding past the traffic.

#5 Keep an Eye on Mileage

Always monitor your battery life, as you would not want to get strangled in an isolated area. Adjust your mileage to maintain the battery life. If you are running low on battery, that means you have reached the maximum mileage range. The battery life depends on each brand and type of scooter. On average, you can travel 15 to 20 miles on a single charge. So, you need to check the charging time and battery life before moving ahead.


Riding an electric scooter is not as complicated as you think. With practicing reflexes and balances, you can easily control it, as you want. Riding an e-scooter is all fun, thrilling, and exciting, and the ease and convenience of riding it make things further seamless for you. If you follow the proper safety measures like wearing a helmet and maintaining the speed, you can reduce the risk factors involved in e-scooters. It is all a matter of taking the right precautions.

Keep practicing and follow the safety measures to make the most of your electric scooter. The above-mentioned comprehensive guide will help you in understanding how to ride an e-scooter.

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