Women Adopt Six Special Needs Dog and Gave them the Best Lives

Finding permanent homes for pets with a special need is challenging because they need special care and attention. Tracey Fowler who lives in Mendon, Vermont, wholeheartedly accepted that challenge. Since the day she lost her German Shepherds, Hayen, a couple of years ago, Tracey has been adopting and giving new homes to the pup that other people don’t even give a second glass to. As of now, she has eight dogs with special needs, and she refers to them as the Fowler Herd. Owing to Tracey, these dogs today are living their best lives.

In an interview, she revealed that Hayden passed the Rainbow Bridge after fighting against degenerative myelopathy. His dog fought the severe illness for a long time and eventually ended up in a wheelchair. However, being paralyzed did not take away his lively spirit and kept on playing with Tracey until his last day.

Tracey said that she missed Hayden rolling on his wheelchair and decided that in the honor or his spirit and resilience, she would make a help other dogs like him. Presently she abodes eight dogs out of six of them being special dogs, and two are German Shepherds. She does not want her guests to have their feet rolled over. The Fowler Herd enjoys the love and affection that Tracey bestows upon them, and together they have a blast, especially during the winter.

When the winter snow covers the region, she switches wheels for skis in order to play outside. Tracey agrees that taking care of dogs with special needs is not simple, but she likes taking care of them and do not find it difficult. She added that if someone is afraid of pee and poop, then they should not adopt differently-abled pups. Presently, the Fowler Herd is thoroughly enjoying the rolling and skiing and having the time of their life.


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