10 Excuses to make to your parents to go on a night out

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Excuses to make to your parents to go on a night out

Making plans with your friends for the weekend/night out is your favourite thing to do but how to get the permission from your parents? Most of the time it is very tough to convince your parents for your night out, especially for girls. Here are ten excuses to make to your parents to go on a night out with your friends. Hope these reasons will probably help you in convincing your parents to go and enjoy your night out.


studyThe most common reason which always works. Tell your parents that you have to prepare for your exams or complete your pending homework. If it is anything related to your education, your parents will allow you to go on a night out. When it comes to Indian parents, the study is something they will always budge for. Press them a bit, show them reason and they will agree.

2.Approach them with a good plan

studyMake up a plan and write it on a paper and then explain your parents about what all you planned. This is all a matter of trust. Hand over the paper to your parents with a decent idea written on it, and they will let you go and enjoy your night out. Make sure you let everything on the paper. Also remember whatever story you have told them so that their trust in you remains intact.

3.Ask them when they are in a good mood

good mood
Who doesn’t love the situation when their parents are in a good mood? As the answer will be yes in most of the cases. Being in a good mood makes them think with a positive attitude and trust you more. They tend to have a comfortable opinion about you being out all night. An angry parent might turn into a Hulk anytime, so take their mood in your notes.

4.Stay calm

This is an important thing to keep in mind irrespective of other factors. If you worry or hesitate, then there can surely be a problem. Probably they might refuse if you show the fear in you before asking or convincing them.

5.Make up a story

Be ready with a good story, if you want to enjoy the night out with permission. Story selection should be as natural as possible. Make up a good story to your parents so that they feel convinced. You will be able to enjoy your night out in a good mood.

6.Make them meet your friends

meet parents
If you do not have a good excuse or your parents are not convinced then make your friends meet your parents. Sometimes your friends will do the favour for you when you are unable to convince your parents. They will explain everything to your relatives in a way they want to listen, and there you go.

7.Friend is not well

You can sneak out of your place for a night out by convincing your parents that one of your best friends is not well and you want to stay with him/her to take care. Parents still believe on this one even though it is the most common one. You can also make them talk to your friend if they want to as your friend will help you in sneaking out.


As project needs to be done in group parents will be easily convinced. As projects are a part of school work and submissions, your parents will allow you to go out. Remember, your parents might enquire about the project details, and you should be answerable to them. This excuse can be used depending on the time of semester or academic year.

9. Leave early and tell it’s not safe returning alone

This usually helps, but can sometimes backfire when parents get ready to travel all the way to pick you up. Make sure you are in someone’s home while using this as an excuse.

Even though night outs are fun safety might still be an issue. Make sure you are going with people whom you trust completely. Security and safety matters a lot these days. Keep your
Have a Happy night out!!!

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