10 signs that your girlfriend is taking you for granted



10 signs that your girlfriend is taking you for granted

Want to know how your girlfriend is taking you for granted? It happens when your girlfriend stops seeing all of the things you have done for her as wonderful, the act of kindness or stop noticing you at all, it doesn’t just damage your relationship. It destroys your self-esteem and makes you feel like nothing you do is good enough. Here are some signs that will make you sure about that your girlfriend is taking you for granted.

Doesn’t give a damn about your opinions


This is a sign that shows you are not that valuable for her. If she loves you and values you, she will listen to you and let your opinion count. Most of the times, if a girl takes her man for granted, his opinions are also taken for granted.

Never Appreciates you


If your girlfriend is taking you for granted, no matter how good you are to her, she will never appreciate you. She might love what you did for her, but it isn’t enough if she is not appreciating you. And it means, she’s only in this relationship for the things she can get from you.

Suddenly becomes romantic if she wants something


She is hardly ever romantic to you, but when she suddenly becomes romantic towards you, it’s because she wants something. This is another thing one can say taken for granted when a woman does not value her man.

Flirts with other guys


A girl who loves and respects her man will not do things like that. This is condescending and demeaning. When you are taken for granted, she did not mind to flirt with other men in your presence.

Does not respond to your call with relevance


If your girlfriend is taking you for granted, she could see your missed call and never call back, or she could ignore your calls for a long duration. It tells that how important you are to her.

Abusing your good nature


If you are a good man and your girlfriend doesn’t appreciate you simply mean that she is taking you for granted. When you are treating your girlfriend right in every possible way, and she does not care to retaliate or worse, she abuses you for your good nature, and then you are taken for granted.

When only you are making all the efforts


Being in a relationship means both the partners has a role to play to make it work. Sometimes we see situations, where only one partner is bearing all the weight of the relationship and the other, is just sitting idle doing nothing. This shows casualness and lack of value. If your girlfriend is not ready to put enough in the relationship, then clearly she is taking you for granted.

She never asks you for advice


If your girlfriend never asks your advice, it means that she does not need your advice. She may be taking your instincts, how well you know for granted.

She makes plans without asking you


When your girlfriend makes plans without asking you on a regular basis, she is taking your time for granted. She is also making an assumption that you are available and interested in whatever she plans to do.

She does not consider your feelings


Does she do things or make decisions they know will upset you. This showcases that your happiness and feelings are not just important to her. These are the kind of things she may take for granted.



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