10 steps that will help you in improving your mental well-being

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10 Steps that will help you in improving your mental well being

Each year we resolve to achieve our fitness goals. But did you ever consider achieving a stage where you are mentally so sound that nothing bothers you? You don’t let anybody distress you without your consent. In the world we live, only the physical illness is considered as a sickness. But if we come across a person who is suffering from a mental ailment, then our perspective towards them changes. We either belittle them, or we develop a sympathetic view towards them, hence creating a big void around them and alienating them from this world. We all suffer from mental issues at some point in our lives, either we accept it or not. There is no shame in seeking help. Sometimes, we all need to take it easy on ourselves. Here are certain steps by which you can unload the burden from your mind and live with a healthy mind. here are some ways which will help you improve your mental well being.

Yourself before others

It is really important to understand that you can never make anybody happy unless you keep yourself happy. In such a busy life, prioritising make things easier to handle. But sometimes giving that first priority to you can be even better. All you need is to make yourself feel special before you expect others to take out time for you. Spend some time and energy on yourself. Have a clear vision.

An attitude of gratitude

Life becomes a bit sunnier when we acknowledge the silver lining on the clouds. Stop fretting about the bad things, instead pause for a moment to praise the good things happening around. Take out a minute to pet your dog or appreciate the good song you heard on the radio.

Relax with meditation

If it’s hard for you to give your mind a break from all the overthinking you have been doing. Then slow down your engines by meditating. Meditation helps a lot by relaxing our mind and enabling us to control it as we want to. It not only eases your mind but helps you concentrate better. Meditation varies according to the practice. But it will help you start the day on a positive note.

Befriend dairies

Ever happened to you that you feel so many emotions all at once and you are just unable to express them? Or you find nobody appropriate to share them with? In such desperate times, all you need to do is jot down all of it in your journal. It will not only help you get rid of such emotions in a greener way but also make you a better writer and a better at expressing yourself. There is a reason why books are referred as our best friends.

Date your BFF

We all have that best friend with whom we feel ourselves. In front of that person, we don’t have to hide our true personality and there is no pretention. Lean on to that support system, hug her. A good company releases the chemicals in your minds which help you relax.

Food for thought

Empty minds often stress out. It doesn’t let you relax and keeps on bringing up things which are long forgotten or doesn’t even matter anymore. It’s better to give your mind something wise to worry about instead of punishing yourself with an empty mind. Use your time to educate yourself. This will not only distract you from your worries but it will also make you an asset loaded with skills.

Break the monotonous schedule

Following the same schedule for a while now? Wake up, makeup, go to the office. Worry all day and then return home just to worry some more? Take a break from this shit. You deserve better. Go on a holiday with your friends or the love of your life. Or run away alone. Enjoy yourself for some time. Discover yourself and once again find the fun element inside you.


Reconnect with your family, friends and all your colleagues. Meeting new people and the people you love releases the chemical which cools down your nerve. It’s a distraction for your mind. Spend some time developing relationships. It will teach you to value them and love once again.

Dance to the tunes

Listening to music relieves the stress. Engaging in melancholy melodies can boost up your mood in the long run. Listening to sad songs can also prompt some tears, which is actually a good to let out your emotions.

Detox socially and sleep

Sparing yourself from the pang of envy after watching the glittery reel life of others can give you a hard time. Instead stay away from such fake world and give yourself a break from social media. Cleanse yourself socially. Utilise that time in doing something productive. You can also sleep as much as you can as now there will be no internet to stop you from grabbing every last minute sleep that you deserve.


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