How to kiss a girl?


How to kiss a girl?

You like a gorgeous girl and want to kiss her, but you are not sure whether she is interested or not. And if she is, you don’t know how to easily get away with it. When you have to kiss a girl it can seem frightening as there are several things to keep in mind. There are some things you can do to up your odds of a wonderful kiss. Here are simple ways to that will help you in making the kiss perfect

Set the mood


If you want to make your kiss romantic, you should probably get her alone. And it would seem a little odd if you try to kiss her in front of her friends. Make it seem like a special moment by making sure you are alone with her.

Create the environment


Half of the work is done if you managed to set a romantic atmosphere around you. Going through this effort will showcase your feelings and make it easier for her to see you in a flattering way.

Make sure to keep the conversation focused on her


Compliment her for being an amazing friend, talk about her interests or if you are ever at a loss for words, ask her things about something or just say you like her smile. Don’t steer the talk away from anything that she might find offensive or awful.

Make sure if she wants a kiss


If you are not sure whether she wants you to kiss her, try to hold her hand, do some touches first. If she seems to be comfortable about having you in her space, you can move forward and give it a try.

Hold hands


If you two are walking or sitting by each other and she has her hand at her side, casually grab her hand. This will blush her up when you talk to her.

Put your arm around her shoulder

You can give it a try if she is sitting close to you. If she is okay with that, she will snuggle in closer, and you can hold her more soundly.

Go in for a hug


You can try move in for a kiss if she seems to like it. But hold in for ten seconds before letting it go. You have to make sure if she is comfortable or not.

Lock eyes


Make an eye contact. This is a clear signal that you are thinking of kissing her. If she finds it uncomfortable or suddenly changes the subject, hold the eye contact.

Try a small kiss first


If kissing on the mouth seems like an upsurge, you can try kissing her hand, cheeks or forehead. It seems gentlemanlike gesture and most of the girls love it.

Look for the signs


Look for the signs that she is interested in kissing you. Most of the girls are really shy and closed off about their feelings even if they like the guy.


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