How to Differentiate Original and Fake Perfume?

How to Differentiate Original and Fake Perfume?

Differentiate Original and Fake Perfume?

Perfumes are among the most in-demand consumer goods because every one of us likes to indulge in a few bottles through our lifetime to smell more enticing and be more confident. If you are also among the perfume lovers who like to buy different perfumes and are not hesitant to shell out a good chunk of money for quality, then you should learn how to differentiate original and fake perfume. Some simple tricks are mentioned right here.

How to Differentiate Original and Fake Perfume?

Ø  Do Thorough Research

The first thing you need to do when learning how to identify a fake perfume is to do your research. When you want to buy perfume from a specific brand, you should visit the website of the brand and go to the product description. There you can see the packaging, pricing, ingredients, logo and other details associated with the perfume. It will help you to spot a fake perfume and stay away from it. As the fine-fragrance market is worth 400 – 500 million dollars in Canada, you should pay particular attention to the product you are buying and don’t be fooled by a fake.

Ø  Bottle Matters

When looking for an authentic perfume online, you should pay close attention to the bottle it will be shipped in. Quality perfume manufacturers have no qualms about picking a perfume bottle that’s expensive because they understand that quality comes at a price. The sellers of fake products are not that generous and use low-quality bottles that have no finishing. So, you would do better to look for those. Also remember that plastic bottles are an easy giveaway of a fake perfume.

Ø  Smell It

If you want to buy only an original perfume, you should order or look for free samples and smell before buying a big bottle. A fake perfume will have a flat fragrance that remains the same at different times. In contrast, an original perfume will have different layers of fragrance that smell differently at different point of times. There are top, middle and bottom layers in an original perfume and all of them are unique and attractive. Fake perfumes have only one layer that is often too strong and might give you a headache when sprayed.

How to Differentiate Original and Fake Perfume?

Ø  Quality Comes at a Price

As mentioned before, quality comes at a price, and no authentic perfume lover is unaware of it. The manufacturers, if they are selling a genuine perfume have to put in a lot of effort in creating a fragrance and hence cannot afford to sell it cheap. Fake perfumes’ manufacturers usually want to earn money instantly and hence hide their intention of fooling you by saying that they are offering a legit product with heavy discounts. Use your common sense when it comes to pricing and remember that if a perfume price is too good to be true, it’s likely that you are being offered a fake. So, avoid being scammed by thinking that a Gucci perfume can be available at a 90 percent discount and stay away from such websites or sellers.




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