Amazing hacks for wearing high heels without feeling pain


In a world full of trends and fashion girls can’t compromise with their style statement as their dressing is something which defines them more accurately. Girls are blessed to have several accessories like; Suits, Jeans, T-shirts, shorts, sarees, formals, earrings, necklace, footwear’s, etc., which is not easy to maintain and man can never manage all these things at a time along with all other jobs. One of the essential accessories of girls is heel, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone has the courage to wear high heels to walk the carpet or parties and bear the pain. As I have already mentioned in the starting that girls can’t compromise on their style and heels are something that only adds the best look. It is true that wearing high heels is a dream of many girls as they don’t have the courage to bear the unwanted pain.

So, here I will help both types of girls, the dream girls and the one who suffers after wearing high heels. These fantastic tips will help you to reduce the pain. Adopt these strange hacks to reduce your pain while walking in heels and enjoy your heels walk.

1. The Right Size of the Shoes


Make sure if you are wearing stilettos it should be of a perfect size and branded this will solve half of your problem and pain as well. Branded heels provide a high quality sole which offers a comfortable base where as cheap heels are not made up of the hard base which does not provide comfort.

2. Wear Socks beforehand


Before leaving for the party, wear your stilettos with a pair of socks for one or two hours and blow dry it this will automatically stretch your tight zone and will make you comfortable with your heels.

3. The right kind of article


Learn to walk properly as our walking attitude matters a lot. Your walking position should be different from the way you walk in flats or sneakers. Walk straight in the correct posture will reduce the pain of your joints and muscles.

4. Taping it


Tape your toes as this will help you in reducing pain. Tape your 3rd and 4th toe together as this will take the pressure of the foot and will ease the pain.

5. Using lip balm


Use lip balm at the back of your heels to avoid bubble swelling or use band-aids so that you don’t have cuts.

6. Make sure your feet are dry


Sweat is another major problem which makes difficult for you to walk on heels. Before wearing high heels make sure your feet’s are dry. To avoid sweat, you can also use a deodorant and shampoo on your feet to keep it free from sweat.

7. Shave the bottom


Shave down the heels if it is creating trouble for you to walk. Sometimes we buy a thing which does not suit us because at first glance it tempts our eyes and force us to grab it before we lose it. So, go to a shoe repair store and ask to shave it in such a way that the integrity of the shoe is maintained properly.

8. Putting cotton balls


You can put cotton balls in your heels as this will keep you safe from a blister. Cotton balls help you in providing a soft base you can put these balls on areas where get more cuts.

9. Opting broader heels


Go for broader heels as they offer good quality of support and reduce the pressure of heels on your foot muscles. A slim heel puts more pressure on your feet and creates trouble for you as it increases your pain level.

10. Strappy heels are better


If you want a comfortable walk with your heels, then you should go for strappy heels as more the number of straps will offer more support and comfort to your feet.


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