These Cooling Plants Will Help You Save Your Electricity Bill This Summer

These Cooling Plants Will Help You Save Your Electricity Bill This Summer
These Cooling Plants Will Help You Save Your Electricity Bill This Summer

The presence of plants on Earth is what makes it the green planet. The first living organism of our planet is plants. The existence of human life and environment is not possible without plants. They are important for getting clean water, air and food in this world. Plants are also the source of livelihood and income. Textile and fabric materials are provided by the plants. The wood of the plants is used to make the items of furniture. Plants are also helpful in relaxing us from the dazzling heat of summers. The cooling plants which will help us to save our electricity bill this summer are described in the following manner.

Aloe Vera

cooling plant

The plant which entails medicinal properties is termed as Aloe Vera. We are protected from high heat through this plant as it brings down the temperature. For removing formaldehyde from the air, the plant which is effective is aloe vera. It also improves the indoor air quality. It is also useful for curing burns on the skin. Therefore, plant of aloe vera makes us cool in summers thereby saving electricity bill.

Areca Plants

cooling plant

The great living room plant on this earth is Areca plant. The botanical name of this plant is Chrysalidocarpus lutescens. It is the plant which entails high air purifying properties. The toxins and carbon-di-oxide can be removed from the air through this plant. As it is the best air humidifier, so it is helpful in improving the environment. If we want to choose Areca plant, then the plant having the thick trunk at the base is preferable. Therefore, the best way to save our electricity bill this summer is Areca plants.

Snake Plant

cooling plant

Another name of snake plant is mother-in-law’s tongue. It can also be termed as perfect bedroom plant. At night this plant produces oxygen by which there is a decrease in temperature at night.  It purifies the air of our surrounding environment. The toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, nitrogen oxides, toluene, benzene and xylene are absorbed by this plant. It is easy to maintain snake plant as it requires less light and water in winter. Therefore, the plants that relax us from the high heat of summer are snake plants.

Golden Photos

cooling plant

Another name of Golden photos is Devil’s ivy. It is also termed as Silver Vine. The leaves of this plant are golden heart-shaped. It consists of multiplying stems and evergreen leaves. This plant is considered to be the best as it improves indoor air quality. It is helpful in lowering down the temperature. The indoor pollutants like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene and benzene are removed from the air by this plant. In partial sun and cold temperature, it requires less watering. It also improves our sleep by giving off oxygen and taking carbon-di-oxide. Therefore, the high heat of summer is calm down by the plant of golden photos.

Boston Fern

cooling plant

The interior plant which is meant for decoration is Boston Fern. This plant is helpful in restoring moisture in the air. It works like a humidifier. If anyone is suffering from the problems of cold weather and has dry skin, then in such a situation, this plant is helpful. All the toxins including formaldehyde are removed from the air of surrounding atmosphere. Drought and poor light can also be tolerated by this plant. Therefore, the plant which saves our electricity bill by lowering the temperature in summer is Boston Fern.

Baby Rubber Plant

cooling plant

Another name of baby rubber plant is Peperomia obtusifolia. The ideal growing condition of this plant requires the temperature of 85 degrees during the day and 60 to 65 degrees during the day. It can tolerate both warmer and cooler temperature. It cools down the temperature in summer. The cleaning of air is carried out through this plant by absorption of toxic chemicals which include formaldehyde.

Thus, we can protect ourselves from the high heat of summer in a natural way. This natural way is the cooling plants which are mentioned in the above-written matter. In other words, we can save our electricity bill this summer in a natural way i.e. cooling plants.

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