No Chemicals, No Pains! 10 Natural Ways To remove Underarms Hairs

No Chemicals, No Pains! 10 Natural Ways To remove Underarms Hairs
No Chemicals, No Pains! 10 Natural Ways To remove Underarms Hairs

Underarms hairs cause sweat and bad odour in our body. To make our body free from bad odour and sweat, it is necessary to remove underarms hairs. Here are some ways to get rid of a Bad Body Odor. If we use the razor to remove underarms hairs, then there is a threat to get wounded which is not safe. Even razor can causes allergy to the skin of underarms. If we use wax, then it contains so many unwanted chemicals which cause itching and irritation in the skin of the underarms. Therefore, we should use natural ways to remove underarms hairs. Now we will discuss the 10 natural ways to remove underarms hairs in the following manner.

Raw Papaya

The best home remedy to remove underarms hairs is Raw Papaya. First of all we have to take 1-2 teaspoon of raw papaya and ½ teaspoon of turmeric. A paste is required to be prepared by mixing both the ingredients. This paste is allowed to be applied to the underarms hairs by simple massage for 15 minutes. After that we have to wash it with water.

Egg Mask

The next remedy to remove underarms hairs is egg mask. For making egg mask we have to collect white portion of egg, one teaspoon of sugar and ½ teaspoon of corn flour dust. A paste is allowed to be prepared by mixing egg, sugar and corn flour. Then we have to apply the paste on underarms hairs. Keep the paste on underarms until it becomes dry. After that, underarms hairs are removed with removal of paste. Egg mask is one of the Face Masks To Keep Your Skin Healthy.

Chickpea Flour Mask

Chickpea flour mask is used to remove underarms hairs. For preparing chickpea flour mask we require to collect ½ bowl of chickpea flour, ½ bowl of milk, 1 teaspoon of fresh cream and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. By combining all of these ingredients we have to make a paste. We have to keep the paste for half n hour. After that we have to remove it, by rubbing it in opposite direction. Then, we have to wash our underarms with warm water.


Potato is beneficial for us in many ways. It’s one of the uses is removing underarms hairs. First of all, we have to collect a single potato peeled and pulped, 4 teaspoon of lemon juice, a single thin cloth, a teaspoon of honey and a bowl of yellow lentil. This yellow lentil is allowed to be soaked overnight. By mixing all the ingredients we have to prepare the paste. This paste is applied to the underarms hairs. After leaving it for 15-20 minutes remove the paste with underarms hairs.

Lemon And Sugar Pack

Lemon and sugar pack is used to remove underarms hairs. First of all a paste is prepared by mixing 2 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of sugar. It is allowed to be washed out after leaving for 10 minutes. Perform this activity twice in a week. The hairs of underarms get removed slowly overtime.

Cane sugar

For removing underarms hair we have to collect 2 cups of cane sugar, ¼ cup water and ¼ cup lemon juice. These ingredients are allowed to be mixed in a saucepan. This saucepan is required to be heated. When the content in the saucepan is boiled then for 20 minutes we have to process it on low heat. Allow the content to be cooled.  Then, this content is applied to the underarms and after that is removed with removal of underarms hairs.


For removing underarms hairs we have to take two teaspoon of milk with a pinch of turmeric. After mixing milk and turmeric we have to apply it on the underarms hairs. After keeping it for sometimes we have to wash it off.


A mixture has to be prepared for removing underarms hairs. The mixture is prepared by 3 tablespoon honey, 3 drops lemon juice, warm water and a towel. This mixture is allowed to be applied on desired underarms areas. After leaving it for 15 minutes it is, required to be washed off by using a damp towel.

Gelatin Peel-Off

Gelatin Peel-off mask is another way of removing underarms hairs. This mask is prepared by using ingredients like 1 cup water, ½ cucumber, plain-flavoured gelatine, 1 green tea bag, ¼ aloe vera gel and 3 tablespoon lemon juice. By using food processor the cucumber is allowed to be grounded and the juice is strained. The green tea is required to be brewed in a separate bowl. Mix all of them and stir the content until gelatine is dissolved completely. This content is allowed to be applied to underarms hairs. After leaving it for 15 minutes it is supposed to be removed.

Besan Mask

Besan mask is used for removing underarms hairs. It is prepared by mixing the half cup of besan and warm water. This mask is supposed to be applied to the desired area of underarms. After keeping it for 20 minutes, it is removed from the underarms thereby removing underarms hairs.

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