10 Things you realize about your life only after crossing your teenage


10 Things you realise about your life only after crossing your teenage

A few years after stepped in their twenties, they were no more enough the same rebellious fellows who would play havoc on an entire neighbourhood, irritate them and trouble them. Ian and Robert had completely changed, and unbelievingly for the better. They no longer were the pranksters that everyone had known until a few years back. They behaved and looked just like a gentleman and it turned out to be a surprise – or you might even call it as an incredible shock – for the general crowd to meet up with the new and enhanced people.

When they returned to their respective homes after two years of getting graduated and getting an average job, Ian and Robert unlike being with friends were seated with their family and relatives for having the Thanksgiving dinner. They were no more the kids roaming streets rather two sophisticated young men sipping the hot soup made by Aunt Marge.

Here are a few things that people have learnt after bidding goodbye to their carefree days of teenage. Their change is an impact of the chapters they have acquired in time as they turned 20.

Life doesn’t necessarily go as it is planned and it’s okay

studyIan aimed to be initially in military services but was not selected and hence had to go for a job in one of the MNCs. Robert who was really keen on working in any top advertising firm but never made it to an interview. Both of them had a realisation that very often life doesn’t go as it is planned and you don’t have an option but to accept it.

Parents were right!


Their parents always suggested them to study for learning the purpose and not just for clearing their exams. They never understood the importance of it but realised that their parents were absolutely right after they didn’t get a call from their dream companies and were rejected in many interviews for not being able to explain how their grades were fine while they scored less in the company’s test.

A few Rejections isn’t the end of the world

The initial few rejections did irk them and threw them off track, but with them, the realisation dawned on them that it isn’t the end of the universe and that they do have to fight harder for their achievement in life.

Taking care of mental and physical health both is important

Exercise-to-stay-fitThe junk food intake habits and late nights will with time get replaced by healthy and hygienic eating habits and daily exercises when their own bodies gave in to the stress of examination and being rejected in companies. Placement pressure had them hospitalised twice to thrice in just six months. They understand the value of a good lifestyle and are now absolutely fit and fine.

Learn to stand up for yourself

Those people who always hide behind their parents and friends, when it came to apologising or making something normal find themselves very trapped in. But there will be no dad or mum in college and friends won’t be the same as before. There is no one to support them or to settle down the ugly situations that they face in office. With time, they learned that they need to fight their own battles eventually.

Honesty won’t always be the best policy; diplomacy is always the ladder to success

Being blunt to the point of rudeness and always in the face of someone doesn’t help you in gelling with people. They do not give you a helping hand in putting you in a good light in the diplomatic world of adults. Ian and Robert soon started understanding that they would have to walk on the defined path of diplomacy if they wanted to thrive.

Money doesn’t always come quickly; spend it wisely

Being fortunate enough for having their wishes fulfilled by the money of their parents, Ian and Robert were habitual of living in a world where money apparently seemed to be growing out of this spiralling plant.

Making decisions is tough


What before seemed to be a cake walk, now placed them on this slippery road which is full of potholes and bumps. When they were in a situation where a decision had to be taken, they had to be a tad more cautious. One careless or sidestepped decision and you go sliding down that gutter.

Being independent can be gruelling


When they actually got a chance to be all grown up which they were dying for all their lives, when they actually got to stand on their own feet, life seemed pretty much just unfair and arduous.

Appreciation is no longer applicable, whatever you do


Those rounds of applause and cheers they earned while performing a simple dance on stage in school were replaced by cold reactions or unsatisfactory responses seeking better performance at work.


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