10 effective ways to cool down your raging temper


10 effective ways to cool down your raging temper

Can’t keep your blood from boiling even due to the tiniest reasons? Can’t cool down your raging temper? Do you fume just because of a traffic jam or when someone slams down the phone on you? Have you been known to curse and kick the doors when people do not cooperate with you? Does it blow up your head if the things do not go according to your ways? Do you know that this raging temper might be causing you and your health a lot more than you think? Anger is a healthy and totally normal emotion. But when it exceeds the limits, it can be fatal, not only to your health but also your professional and personal relationships. Raging up and boiling your blood can cause your blood pressure to rise which in turn can cause heart attacks and other health related problems which can then make your life a boiling hell. Here we have 10 full proof hacks to calm down your raging blood and give people around you some relief from this hot temper.

1. Count the breath


To calm down the sudden anger, you must take some deep breaths, this takes the oxygen to all your organs and helps you calm down soon. If this doesn’t help, try counting the deep breaths you take. This will surely help you and distract your mind from the issue causing the anger.

2. Fake a smile


By faking a smile or laugh when you are extremely angry can probably help you calm down. If we fake a laugh or smile, we can trick our mind into actually laughing. This can help us get some time out and think before acting anything.

3. Jumping jack


Try exercising a bit, physical exercise can reduce the stress and calm down the raging hormones. If you still feel that it isn’t helping you, then go for a walk or a jog any physical exercise which you enjoy doing. This eases your brain and helps your stress reliever to flow through the body and give you a calm mind.

4. Be a thinker before a speaker


Whenever angry, try and think before speaking. Speaking without even thinking might cause such deep damage that one can never recover from. Try and think and analyse the statements which are coming out of your mouth and if possible try and pass them through a filter. This would probably help your relationship (professional or personal) to last long.

 5. Blame game


The moment you start the blame game, that’s when things get pretty ugly. Such things can cause some permanent damage to your relationships and cause you great loss. Always include the statements with “I”. This will at least keep you safe from the blame game and leave you with some dignity after you cool down. Using “I” instead of “you” can save you from some long fights and conflicts.

6. Include interlude


Whenever you think that things are going out of control and you may act outrageous take a time out.  It will not only help you to analyse things properly but also act with your cool mind. It will save you from disasters.  Taking timeout may help you feel more prepared to handle the situation right in front of you.  Timeout is not only useful for kids but it can prevent big disasters from happening even in the adult world.

7.  Jokes for the folks


Try and crack some jokes at the instances when you feel like the situation is going out of hand. Try to lighten up the environment for everybody around and specifically for yourself.  It will also give you time to inspect the situation at hand. If you can laugh at your own self while you are angry, then you have already won half of the battles my friend.

8. Fluster with a cluster


Try to fluster from the matter that is raging your blood. Try and take yourself away from the situation mentally so that you can calm down. In such circumstances try and make your soul float above to better places which can calm you down before you speak or take any actions.

9. Balance by foot


Try and stand on one foot and balance yourself. This might be a silly idea but it is pretty effective. Try and balance on one foot for about 30 seconds and then shift onto another. This will not only help you balance yourself physically but will also balance your mind and distract you from being angry.

10. Accomplishing the ambition


Whenever you are angry, try and reason yourself as to why should you not explode. Keep your goals in your mind and try and hit it off. Never act in a way which can ruin the path laid by you to reach your target. This will surely help you to behave in the most disastrous situation.

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