10 Most expensive daily items that will blow your mind

10 Most expensive daily items that will blow your mind

When we talk about the expensive items the things which come to our mind are ships, yachts, watches or cars but we forget to judge the high rated items on a daily basis. We human beings always prefer to have expensive items in our homes. But no one notices the prices of the commonly used items. As per our methodology when we go for outdoor shopping we prefer to have things at very affordable prices. But in a hurry burry we always forget to examine the things in a judgmental way.

Here are some beautiful top 10 everyday items which are not easy to afford:

1. Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

expensive items

The carbon fiber toilet seat made of costly materials is so quite cool. Regarding practicality this $249 cost toilet seat is so stunning and filled with gold is flimsy.

2. Gold and Diamond Ear buds

expensive items

Have you ever seen ear buds which can cost more than your laptop? These 18 carat gold and diamond earphones have the ability of 118 high-quality diamonds. It is more compatible with the all its extra weight.

3. Diamond Martin

expensive items

Having diamond in its name doesn’t mean that it has some crystal elements. It is the most expensive drink you could ever get in your life all around the world. This drink will cost $10,000, and it looks more astonishing when you figure out the diamond ring at the bottom of the glass.

4. Densuke Black Watermelon

expensive items

This 17 pounds watermelon is sold for $6,100. This is the rare price of the watermelon, and this is the top quality fruit which will leave you amazed. This special stuff is grown on the island of Hokkaido in Japan. It has a perfect taste.

5. Crocodile Skin Umbrella

expensive items

Efficient water repellent which will resist the water movement to our body in the rainy season. Rich guy parties need it at most for their scientific approach. There should be at least a single person to hold the umbrella regularly above your head. You can never imagine an umbrella can cost $50000.

6. Frozen Haute Chocolate

expensive items

Chocolates are the most favorite of every child. This $25000 fancy paying will admire you to the core. It is a combination of 28 cocoas from all around the world. The serving is done by goblet lined with edible gold.

7. Codex Leicester

expensive items

This is a book written by painter Leonardo da Vinci was sold at the rate of $30,800,000. This book has the profound description of the world, but due to its price tag, it is counted in the most expensive items.  Every word of this book is worth to read.

8. The Cultured Beef Burger

expensive items

This burger having a $332,000 price tag is the most elegant piece in the world of burger house. For sure this 5-ounce Cultured Beef Burger will snatch your sleep and your sadness. Whenever you are feeling depressed, you can have a taste of this burger, and it will change mood instantly. This pricey burger is made up of little egg powder and breadcrumbs.

9. Ergo Swarovski Magnifying Glass

expensive items

This magnifying glass is something which will give you pleasure to see the objects in a grateful way. This is more expensive than a jewelry set. It enables the four times magnification through this glass. It is one best among others.

10. Golden Opulence Sundae

expensive items

23-carat edible gold leaf covers the golden opulence sundae worth of $1000. It has the specialty of Madagascar vanilla beans from Venezuela. Amedei Porcelana which is one of the most expensive chocolate toppings increases its demand in the market. It is served with chocolate truffles, almonds and marzipan cherries. The best match for the fantastic main course.

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