“Papa se puch le, mujhse mat puch!” These Sassy insults by our mothers proves that why desi moms are the best


Mother is always a child’s first friend, caretaker, guide and best lover. She is the epitome of love and has unique ways to teach her child the best lessons of their life. These characteristics are mainly found in Indian mom’s as they are known for their over caring and possessive attitude towards their child. It hardly matters that whether your mom is educated or not as she is the only one who will stand with you in your hard times. Our Indian mothers are very doting and always want everything to be perfect for us, and will make sure that you are not facing your hardships alone. At times, they will let you down to bring out best of you.

On the one hand, they will shower endless love on you and on the other hand, they will insult you as well so that before outsiders point out your loopholes, they will correct you. Indian moms are a pillar of strength for their children. They love to insult their child in front of others as they believe this is the best way to give their child long-lasting lessons. All these traits prove that our Desi maa are the best moms. Do you know that why our Indian moms’ upbringing are entirely different from all other nations mother? To know the reason read the full article.

Check out these incredible insults by our dearest moms:

When you are planning to go for a dinner or lunch with your friends, they will give you worst of the reasons so that you don’t go or will make you feel insulted in front of your buddies. They will say ‘Ghar ka khana pasand nhi aata and bhar ka zeher bhi kha lega’ isn’t hilarious it is? Typical indian style emotional attyachar.


Indian mothers have an amusing way of insulting their kids. If you tried out different hairstyle which they don’t like, for example, centre parting, then she will make such comments “yeh baalon mein centre parting sindoor bharne ke liye banayi hai?”


The funniest scene is when she insults your fashion statement. A guy shared that he and his friend were wearing rugged jeans and she compared them with beggers. No doubt our Indian mom’s are damn innocent and hilarious.


Money is a great issue where we kids are frequently insulted. For example, if you are asking your mom to give you some amount of money so that you can recharge your phone. Immediately she will reply that ask your friends only to get your phone recharged with whom you are talking 24 hours.


Another situation when you feel insulted by your mother is when you say ‘mein Tinda nhi khauga’ and she replies back saying ‘acha hai mat kha thora patla ho jaiga’.

Most of us must have faced this insulting situation when our dearest mother challenges our ability to find a girl or boy. Commenting that ‘ if you are not able to find your soul mate then let me find a perfect match for you.


The most famous one among all Indian kids is when their child says ‘maa bhookh lagi hai’ and she replies back by saying ‘meri Jaan khalo badiya pet bhar jaega.’

Don’t you feel that in all the above-mentioned insulting ways there is a hidden concern and love of a mother for their children? I think this is what makes them best mommies.

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