10 Daily Habits That May Seem Harmless But Can Have Serious Effects On Your Health

unhealthy habits

If we want to get blessed, then we should have good health. A person is considered to be richest only when he possesses good health. The working capacity of the person increases, if he has good health. For achieving the personal ambition of life, it is necessary to have good health. Health can be maintained by regular physical exercise and by having balanced diet. There is a great connection between our health and daily habits. Here are some healthy habits That Will actually Change Your Life.We are characterized by some daily habits that may seem harmless but can have serious effects on our health. Ten of these daily habits are explained in the following manner.


unhealthy habits

When there is irritation in our eyes, then we rub them with our finger. Although, it provides relief to our eyes for a moment, but is not good for the health of eyes. It comprises the entrance of bacteria and germs into our eyes. It leads to disease like keratoconus (includes thinning of the cornea and its outward swelling). The fragile vessels around the eyes also use to get broken due to rubbing of eyes.

Skipping Breakfast

unhealthy habits

To do breakfast daily is good for our health. Breakfast provides us energy to carry out our daily activities. If any person does not have breakfast, then he or she will be tired, restless and irritated. Without breakfast, the blood sugar control and insulin level get disrupted which leads to diabetes. In fact, you should eat organic food for better health!

Do Not Take Appropriate Rest

unhealthy habits

As to earn money we use to work all the time, and we do not have time to take rest. The muscles of our body become restless due to lack of sleep. Even we use to experience the chronic pain in back and neck by not taking rest properly. The capacity of our body decreases if we do not take the proper amount of rest.

To Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

unhealthy habits

Our youngsters are eager to follow the fashion. They use to wear uncomfortable shoes which belong to latest fashion trends. These shoes lead to rashes, pain in back and gastrointestinal problems like irritable bowel syndrome.

Carrying The Phone Into The Bra

unhealthy habits

The mobile phone is an item which is useful for us in many ways. It is the best communication mode.Due to its frequent use, we use to keep it in a rough manner. Ladies do not use pocket or purse and keep it in the bra. If this activity is carried out for a long period, then it leads to breast cancer in the upper outer quadrants. This breast cancer is a dangerous disease for each and every individual.

Do Not Wear Sunglasses

unhealthy habits

The sun produces ultraviolet rays which have harmful effects on our body. The retina of our eyes gets destructed by UV rays of the sun which also leads to cataracts or abnormal growth. Sunglasses avoid the contact of eyes with ultraviolet rays of the sun. Therefore, the daily habit which seems harmless and is harmful to our health is not to wear sunglasses.

Too Much Driving

unhealthy habits

If we drive two-wheelers or four wheelers endlessly, then it causes tension in our muscles. Even our muscles get stressed. Due to this, there is the pain in our muscles and joints. It is not safe for our spine if we drive limitlessly. Therefore, the daily habit which seems undamaging and affects our health seriously is driving the vehicle endlessly.

Having Junk food

unhealthy habits

Junk food includes pizza, cold-drink, burger, masala dosa, samosa and kachori, etc. If we describe junk food, then it is the sweet poison. It leads to learning and memory problems. The risk of dementia gets increased due to it. The person is caught in the cage of depression by having junkfood. It is also the cause of weight gain and diabetes.

Applying Talcum Powder

unhealthy habits

Talcum powder is applied to the body to get relieved from the odour of sweat. Even it is helpful in removing rashes. But this habit of applying talcum powder is harmful to the health of our body as it leads to increase in risks of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer.

To Do Sitting For A Long Time

unhealthy habits

Today, so much of work is handled by computer. We have to work for so many hours by sitting at the computer. This sitting is harmful to our health it causes diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer and heart disease.
Thus, the health of our body is characterised by our habits. Even, the daily habits that seem harmless can affect our health seriously. The habits which are discussed in the above -written matter should be avoided to get free from their ill-effects.
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