Seven ways we keep making our life harder than it is


Life is what we make isn’t? The four letters word LIFE has several aspects both good and bad. The philosophers well say it that we get one life, live it well. But, today in this fast growing world we forget to live our lives well and meaningful. Instead, we are making our life harder and becoming the victims of life. Life is an incredible journey where you learn at every step you take ahead; we should learn to enjoy our struggles the way we enjoy our good times. Why can’t we accept wrong from the hand we accept good? Life is a mixture of it if you want to taste only one type it will become annoying to live. Life become harder and full of struggles because we don’t like using simple ways and make things more complicated.

I think you don’t want to make your life gruelling and trust me life is simple; it’s we who make things onerous. You won’t believe but small changes can do wonder in your life and will help you to grow, lead a dazzling and imperishable life. Let’s check out the reasons through which we make our life exhausting and challenging.

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Spend more time in doing useless things


If we talk about the present generation, this is the biggest problem. We tend to things which don’t matter at all and spend our precious twenty-four in sleeping, eating, roaming, gossiping, etc.    It creates a lot of trouble in future as we do our important works in last moment and create a lot of mess.

Victim of your presupposition


It is 100% correct that we are the victims of our expectations and feel helpless. We curse our life and luck for it, but we don’t expect the fact that we are the creators of our misfortunes. For example-    one of our friends left us because he or she don’t want to live anymore with us. We face heartbreak and feel helpless because we build high expectations for from them due to which life has become difficult to live without them.

You can’t forgive and let go


Your friend or parents disparage you in front of others, and you can’t let go or forgive them. It drags a lot of energy and time towards past, and you forget to live your present as you are busy in cursing them.

Taker and not a giver


You should know that when you love taking, you should also be a giver also. You act selfishly as when they need something or ask you for a little help you don’t support them, though they are always ready to help you. You are more focused on your personal needs than others matter.

Feels lazy all the time


Laziness has become the biggest problem of many people lives because they invest most of their time in sleeping and eating which makes you lethargic. Eating healthy and small amounts of food will keep you more energetic and active.

Lack of sleep


Lack of sleep keep you frustrated and disturb your daily cycle. Present generation stays awake late at night, and it becomes difficult for you to get up next morning and go for your work on time.

Hanging around people who don’t value you


Wasting your time on such friends circles who don’t value is of no use. You need to understand the point if your friend is not adding value to your life then you are still losing, so better to go away.

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