Cannot feel anything beyond friendship? Here are ways to friend zone a guy

Cannot feel anything beyond friendship? Here are ways to friend zone a guy

Cannot feel anything beyond friendship? Here are ways to friend zone a guy

A friend is a beautiful seven letters word who plays a very exciting role in our life. Today opposites sex friendship relation have become very common and important as well. You should see How to get out of the friend zone? Everywhere we see people asking  this question that whether it is possible that two opposites sex can only be a best friend? I think they can be just friends also it’s just that you have to set limits in your friendship. It’s very natural that when two people spend more time together and share every minute details of each other gradually, they develop a feeling which is beyond friendship. If you want to keep your relation in friend zone only then, you can go with these fantastic tips.

1. Always go for group hangouts

If a girl enjoys your company, it doesn’t mean she feels something special for you. You should always suggest group hangouts in such situations if your guy friend has some feelings for you. Try to surround yourself with other friends also when he or she invites you. It’s better to put them in the friend zone on time then to spoil your friendship later.

2. Do not Flirt

Do not flirt with your friend if you don’t see anything beyond friendship.  If you are thinking to put that guy in the friend zone, then don’t send him mix signs as this will make him believe that you are interested in him. Treat him in a way you treat your any other male friend.

3. Talk about another man

To keep a friend in the friend zone, this is one of the best ways to deal. Talk about other men, crushes, talk about your dates and ask him for some suggestions to make your date special or what to gift that guy. It will automatically get him to realize that for you, he is only a friend and not more than that. Keep such conversation on with him and this will make him back off and will not forecast his life with you.

4. Limit your conversation

Another way is to limit your communication with him don’t be available for him every time. Avoid texting frequently. Try to maintain distance from him if you for hangouts or parties in groups. Don’t give him much attention as this will make him a signal that you are interested.

5. Express your honest feelings

Even after putting so many efforts the guy is not able to understand that you are not looking an image of a life partner then you should straightforwardly express your feelings to him.  Genuinely express him that what place he occupies in your life and it would be good if he will respect their bond.  If you found him trying to step in our life, then simply tell him that you two can’t be more than friends. Think wisely sometimes friends turned lovers are better than just lovers.

6. Engage your friend with someone

You have to play smartly in such situations try to introduce your friend to someone else and act as a matchmaker. Though you don’t like him, you always want to see him happy just like a mother wants to see her son happy.

7. Don’t make him a priority

Always remember when you don’t want to cross your friendship limits, then never get him to feel like your priority as this is the work of the girlfriend and not of a friend.

8. Compare him to a family member

If you don’t look at your friend as a prince charming, then you should always compare him with your family as this will not let him see you as his partner. Tell him that he is like a big brother to you.

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